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Beauty, Fashion, Hair and Nail Art for June

Updated on September 13, 2013

June is such a fun month and for me it's going to be all about cuteness and glamour, this month's beauty, fashion, hair and nail art designs should fit the bill perfectly for inspiration and style.

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Short, Classy and Sassy

This is just such a beautiful cut, I am a shoulder length type of woman but .... this is just sooo tempting, especially as the weather hots up. I've started learning to row this year and I love doing it and having short hair would make things so much easier, no trying to put it up, or shoving it under a hat so it doesn't stray in front of your eyes with the wind - oh my - definitely, definitely tempting!

Summer Color - with Eva Longoria

Here is the stunning beautiful Eva Longoria showing us all how to dress for Summer, this stunning outfit is recreated using the Polyvore website, where all the 'fashionistas' like to hang out, here you can find inspiration for the clothes you own and how to team them up and find yourself a fabulous outfit that you didn't know you already had, or you can find out where to get all the hot fashion items that you haven't got yet but want so desperately.

20 Amazing Hairstyles for Bad Hair Days

Did you know that blondes have more bad hair days than those blessed with other hair colors? I read that somewhere, I have no idea where but I'm just passing it forward, so now that I have an excuse for my bad hair days (and yours if you're blonde too) whatever your hair color here is a fabulous site showing us 20 different up-dos / buns to make us look like our fabulous selves again, it is of course the always fabulous Always Dolled Up website.

If I can use these and look great on my bad hair days then you can too, and what better way of feeling cool in the coming hot months than to wear our hair up!

Fabulous Nails for Summer

These nails are just so Summery I couldn't resist showing you, they are so colorful and I can't wait to try these out on myself and my daughter - she's a little nail color freak!

My only problem is that I cannot find the original website to show you if there is a tutorial, all I found was a website with photographs on it without a link back to their source (tut-tut, naughty-naughty) I always like to give a shout out to the original creator, after all they are the ones that deserve the praise. So if you know who these photographs actually belong to please please let me know so that I can put in a link to them. In the meantime here is the link to the website where I first saw them.

Disney Minnie Mouse Nails - So Cute!

This gorgeous idea does not come from a beauty website, it is from a chat forum where someone going on a trip to Disneyland has posted the nails that they have done to celebrate their Disney trip of a lifetime. My daughter took one look at these, raided my jar of nail varnish and ran upstairs to go replicate the look - and from as a Mother, every time I see her hands at the moment they makes me smile - well she makes me smile anyway but this just adds a whole new Disney dimension to the love. Enjoy!

Fan Brush Nail Art Video Tutorial

Aren't these stunning? This nail art tutorial, doesn't have anyone rambling on about how to do it, it is so simple just a bit of peaceful music and beautifully filmed video showing you exactly how to achieve this Fan Brush Nail Art, very simple, fairly easy, and with a bit of practice you to can have beautiful nails like these.

Love this - so chic!
Love this - so chic!

Corkscrew Plait and Curls

Beautiful women come in all sizes and ages, and this website celebrates our children, their hairstyles and helps all the Moms out there by showing us exactly how to do lots and lots and lots of fabulous hairstyles for our gorgeous girls. I love the plait in the photograph above but the website, She Does Hair, gives detailed photographic tutorials on creating an amazing selection of hairstyles, my daughter has very long hair and is always wanting to do a different style, I was useless but thanks to the website I am useless no more. I hope you and your children enjoy the use of this website as much as we do.

Black and Pink Tutu Skirt - Heavenly!

Are you looking the perfect dress for a special event? Fancy a non-traditional wedding dress? Prom coming up and you don't know what to wear?

This black and pink ballet inspired tulle skirt will make it perfect for an glamorous Summer shindig. It has two layers of light pink tulle with top layer of black tulle. When I first saw it I thought it was a dress but it's actually a top and posh leotard - absolutely sensational - put them on, add some pearls or diamonds, some beautiful shoes and you'll feel like a real life Princess.

Henna Tattoo - Pregnant and Gorgeous

Isn't this just darling! I can't think of anything more gorgeous than a pregnant woman and this wonderful idea of a henna tattoo to accent your blossoming baby is just wonderful.

Hello Kitty Nail Stickers

Oh aren't these nail stickers cute! The idea that you can use a clear varnish for your nails, pop on the stickers and revarnish in clear giving you in next to no time at all fabulous nails, and easily available at pharmacies and beauty shops - I just know that my daughter is going to be desperate to get her hands on these little hotties.

Burgundy and Pink Collection

A fashion look first featured on Polyvore in March 2012 featuring Full Tilt cardigans, Full Tilt and Hollister Co. shorts. With the change in the weather and it being slightly colder than we're used to I think this is just perfect, lovely colours, I just adore the combination of pink and burgundy.

Olay Regenerist Thermal Contour and Lift

I recently got my hands on this wonderful skin treatment by Olay, it is easy to use - I used this in the shower, it's not time-consuming - always a plus, smells good and much more importantly the results are fabulous - my skin felt firmer, wonderfully moisturised and subsequently more supple and youthful. I did have trouble finding this in local pharmacies but it is available in the USA in Walmart and available in the UK and USA at Amazon. Would I recommend this to my best friend? Absolutely YES!

Pastel Nails

Cute Cupcake Nails

The above two nail designs are from the website, there are a lot more arty nail projects for you to try on there but these are two of my favourites, my daughter and her friends just adore the little cupcakes and are planning to try them out on their next sleepover, but I definitely think they're cute enough for us older girlies too.

Free Online Makeover Tool

Everyone should update their make-up routine and colors occasionally and if you don't know where to start but fancy your own makeover then have a look online at Cosmopolitan's free makeover tool. You can upload your photograph and try out the latest celebrity hairstyle, eyeliner, lipgloss and find exactly what suits you before you splash the cash.

Spring Nails

The Refinery29 website does reviews on lots and lots of beauty products and is always worth looking at when you are buying that new must-have gizmo, but it also does other fabulous things like these beautiful flowery Spring nails - one of the nicest examples of having green fingers that I've seen.

UK Flag


Cool Nail Art

The above two nail designs come from the blog Cool Nails Art, you'll find the link to your right, this blog is full of fabulous nail designs some more tricky than the others. The first one featured here is the one with a UK Flag on one of the nails. With everyone getting geared up to show support for their home country team at the Olympics I think that this low-key, elegant way of having one of your nails in your country's flag is just lovely. But if you fancy something a tad more ambitious and stunningly pretty, especially during the Spring and Summer months then this beautiful Sunflower design should fit the bill perfectly.

Before an Accident
Before an Accident
After an Accident
After an Accident

Invisible Bike Safety Helmet

We love bicycling but what we don't love are those ugly helmets that we're supposed to wear to protect ourselves, we also don't like wearing them in the heat of Summer, we want to be safe but we also want to look cool and be cool.

Well believe it or not the lady to my right is wearing a bike helmet - fabulous isn't it?

Still don't believe me, well it's hidden in her collar and inflates on impact.

This hood remains completely invisible until you have an accident and by the time you hit the ground or something hits you your head and neck is completely protected.

Designed by two Swedish students this innovative design in safety is going to revolutionise the way you cycle, it inflates in 0.1 second and if want to see this in action you can view testing videos at the Mail Online website on the link below.

So stay safe, stay beautiful, look fabulous while cycling - as far as I'm concerned this definitely belongs in my Beauty Hub.

Stunning Bold Make-up

Last year was all about the natural look but for 2012 the predictions seem to be colour, colour and more colour - so amp it up and you'll be perfectly in step with what's going on in the fashion world. BUT if you prefer a more classic beauty or natural look and who could blame you, I think I'm definitely in this camp of style, then just strengthen the lines within your own make-up style choice and add a flash of red lips to keep you on trend.


If you're looking for hints on make-up hints then I can highly recommend the Bobbi Brown Manual - full of great ideas and tips on how to achieve that perfect look.

Lioele "Merry Green" with Color Club's "Covered in Diamonds" Flakies

When I was a little girl one of my favourite toys was a Kaleidoscope that someone bought me for my birthday, this nail polish effect reminds me of that toy just with lots more bling to it and you won't bump into things when you're looking at them, well you might! So pretty.

My final thought for this month..............

If Fashion and Beauty is what you're looking for then we have it all here on HubPages, have a look at the links below:


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    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 5 years ago from Aurora

      Lovely article. I am so unstylish it is a real contrast to my life! Nice ideas, though and no time. ;-)