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Hot Beauty, Nail Art and Fashion Looks for May

Updated on August 23, 2013


Looking for inspiration of what to do with your hair, how to have it cut, what color would suit you? Then this is the website for you, among these fabulous hairstyles is one of my favorites the Halo Braided Updo, so young, so trendy and perfect for Summer parties and that romantic look. Have a look at the all the different hairstyles and find your favorite, I've found mine!


I loved this candy stripe nails at first sight and then when I saw the focus thumbnail with it's funky little candy colored flower design I was hooked. I think this is perfect for the up and coming Summer months, yes Summer will eventually get here and I think this is the perfect holiday look.


Okay admittedly this gorgeous female already has a headstart on a lot of us but these little tips are very, very useful for perking up your gorgeousness at short notice or when you are suddenly invited out straight after work and you don't want to look as tired as you feel. Try these, what have you got to lose? And you may just attract the attention of that special someone you've been searching for.


W O W ! ! ! !

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Then these are the nails for you, stunning metallic red, give me a black dress and a pair of flame red shoes, handbag and these nails and I'll be ready to conquer the world - and so will you - go on treat yourself - show this hub to your favourite nail technician or nail salon and I'm sure they will be able to make your nails look just as fabulous!


Summer is on it's way, yes I know that if you look out the window it's probably raining right now -well it is in England, and yes the roads are slightly flooded BUT Summer is coming there is no stopping it and if you're looking for a casual look then here is one that I hope you are as excited about as I am, with this look you will appear and feel comfortable, cool, and beautifully put together, this is no throw together at the last minute, every piece has been considered carefully and placed alongside another perfect piece to complete the ensemble.

Summer, heat, cool clothes - can't wait!

Porcelain-ware Print Nail Art

A very long time ago when I was extremely young I went with a few of my friends and my boyfriend to live near Rotterdam in The Netherlands, we stayed there for a long hot Summer, worked, ate, drank and had fun, everywhere we went the shops were full of little pottery items, I had a pair of tiny china clogs that I pinned to my bedroom curtains and in the Summer nights they used to clink together in the dark when there was a slight breeze, I love these nail prints because they look just like the Delft pottery and reminds me of those lovely Summer days with my friends.

I have green eyes and love to look for inspiration on how to best show them off, obviously what I wear can sometimes bring out the colour in my eyes, but I think the metallic green eyeliner effect featured in the photograph above is stunning and something I will be trying on my next night out - the website linked here has lots of make-up tips for those of us with green eyes and I hope you like it.


I just adore this outfit and Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to look every inch the star, the colours are dynamic, great for that Spring look but it will carry you through to Summer evenings out without a hitch. You will certainly gets heads to turn when you wear this ensemble and the link to Polyvore will show you how to recreate this stunning collection of clothes.


This Boho Chic hairstyle is perfect for long Summer days and nights, romantic dinners by the coast, gorgeous floaty dresses and Summer parties, here is a very simple 'how to' to achieve this wonderful look.


This hand scrub was put together as a Mother's Day present but of course will be just perfect for any special occasion or for ourselves just because we're worth it - go on treat yourself and those hard working hands to a special treat - it's all natural, organic and the smell of those wonderful lemons is just blissful.

Note: You could make this present extra special by etching the glass with someone's name or a kind message and it's easier than it sounds (have a look at my Craft Hub for May 2012).

Eyes are one of our most noticeable assets and no matter what colour or shape our eyes are there are always experts out there showing us how to best define and show off our eyes with a few hints at make-up. The above two photographs are lovely examples of that and I particularly like the second one giving eyes a Cat's Eye look.


And for those of you looking for a fabulous party look this season have a look at the advice on the Become Gorgeous website where you'll find many, many looks and hopefully a few that you can't wait to try, the one above is one of my favourites, I just love the metallic blues against the pale pink of the lipstick.


Now to go with your bling nails for this Summer what you will really need is a pair of hot, dazzling sandals and this little collection is perfect for long days in the sun and hot nights on the dance floor, every possibility is covered in this collection, I adore the wedges which would be really comfortable and still give you that extra height we so love - although I have to admit that those elegant, gorgeous high heels are my absolute favourite - could you tell?



A new make-up craze, temporary lip tattoos, love them or hate them you just can't ignore them and with stars like Jesse J sporting the UK Flag on her lips I think during the 2012 Olympics here in Britain I think we'll be seeing that particular design constantly; what a way to show your support for your country - display your national flag on your lips.

There are many shades and designs out there and I'm pretty sure you can find something you will love, will it replace lipstick and glosses, who knows, is it comfortable? I have no idea but I'd love for someone to let me know - anyway it's fresh, it's funky, it's vibrant, it's va-va-voom ladies!


Looking for a hairstyle to brighten up your Summer then this has to be one of your favourite options, cute but very stylish, match the colour with your favourite outfits and you have a definite winner.


Do you remember those pore strips that used to be all the rage a few years ago? Yes they're probably still around but I haven't seen any in absolutely ages and call it a peverse pleasure but I know loads of people who loved using them, but they were (are?) expensive and thanks to this website if you want to recreate your very own pore strips at a much lower cost then you can. Go on you know you want to.


This is the simplest method I've seen for making large soft curls without using any heat, all you need is a hairband and you are set to go, have a look at this gorgeous redhead's website 'how to' blog and get yourself a head full of bouncy curls.


With most of us heading for beaches, swimming pools and the coast during Summer we also need to be heading to a nearby salon before we go to get our eyelashes tinted - this is a marvellous way to get that perfectly groomed look without wearing mascara. You can do this at home using kits from your local pharmacy but I would recommend ensuring the stress free approach and use a recommended salon - tinted mascara will not run so you can swim and laugh till you cry without getting panda eyes, and think how fab you'll look in the morning - it looks great, you'll look great and it lasts a long time - have a effortless look this Summer tint your lashes.


It is really hard to get motivated to exercise; we've stayed up late, we've worked all day, we've taken care of the kids, cleaned the house, cleaned up everyone else's mess, fed the dogs, cleaned up the dog poo, fixed the vacuum cleaner, pulled up the weeds, installed a family safety app on everyone's phone, cooked the dinner and now all we really want to do is slump on the sofa, cuddle a kid or dog, which ever is closest, and watch the TV, and then we see all those gorgeous slim, fit, healthy people on there and we feel crap about ourselves - don't if it was our job and we were paid to look fabulous then we would too, so instead we have to find the inner strength to get some exercise after doing all our daily life throws at us. We could get up early and do it in the morning before anything else - yeah right, I've tried that it never happens so it doesn't work for me. So I have included in this month's beauty batch two ways to hopefully motivate us all and one great section on cellulite banishing exercising, the great photo and inspirational words featured above really hit home for me, sometimes it can be that easy just something that connects with your brain, and the other motivational tool which I know is going to work for me is the dandelion tattoo and motivational blog featured below.


Okay so more than anything about my body I hate my cellulite, all those bumps and lumps - yuk! So having a look around the web I came across this great article called Sayonara Cellulite (Sayonara is Japanese for goodbye just incase anyone was wondering), these exercises were devised by New York trainer Christopher Warden, and it includes 10 cellulite-busting moves - it's recommended that by simply completing this routine twice a week - yep twice and following his fat-reducing tips it will get rid of all your lumpy bumpy zones in just 6 weeks. So start now and by mid-June you will be looking hot and feeling really, really good about your body.


There are a lot of women out there, myself included, that wish to lose a few pounds .... to fit into that new dress we want, Summer's on it's way and we want to look hot, there's that man that has caught our eye and we want to look just that little bit fitter and feel a lot healthier - so here is one woman's take on how she is inspiring herself to become healthier and lose that weight that she no longer wants to carry. She's inspiring and I can definitely relate to her ideas of real rewards not intangible things like 'I'll be healthier and happy with myself' - rewards will be a better motivational tool for me than anything I've thought of myself, and although I don't want a tattoo (her ultimate reward) if I was to have a tattoo - I think I might just be persuaded by this really cute dandelion.

So I am making my list of rewards right now - I'd love to hear what's going to be on yours?


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