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Inspirational Tattoos and Designs - Ideas and Pictures

Updated on April 10, 2012

Inspirational tattoos are becoming more and more popular across the globe as people get serious about the message their ink tells others. Often it is a quote from a famous thinker or religious text, or perhaps it is a symbol from mythology or religion. Whatever the choice, inspirational tattoos are highly individualized and they carry a deeper meaning than most other tattoos. If you are considering getting an inspirational tattoo you should think about what inspires you to be your best or who some of the most important people in your life are. Whether it is a super heavy subject like Buddhist scripture, or something light like Cat in the Hat, the tattoo should help you think about something you are striving for or believe in. Do not forget to have a good story to tell others!

Because inspirational tattoos are unique, they are going to garner a lot of attention from other people. As well as text from inspirational sources, many people get symbols and pictures tattooed to help them remember important principles or people. While traditional religious symbols are very popular, many people are being tattooed with their favorite symbols from novels or movies that have moved them in some way. One of the most meaningful tributes to a lost loved one or friend is to give them a space on your body to remember them by. Inspirational tattoos for women are perhaps the most popular, with women leading the way in getting segments of their favorite poems or songs tattooed on various parts of the body. These more serious tattoos are really catching on for both men and women and are as unique and varied as the individuals that get them.

While inspirational tattoos often look awesome, the point of getting one is that it is significant to you in a very meaningful way. Seriously consider what the message or image relates to you, and be truthful with yourself about how your views may shift down the road. Inspirational tattoos combine art with passion and purpose, so give your inspirational tattoo the consideration it deserves before heading the tattoo parlor.


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