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Interesting Facts About Jewelry

Updated on September 9, 2013

1. Pure gold is unpractical

Today jewelry market presents gold practically of any color - white, red, green, pink and even black. Is this authentic jewelry? Why does precious metal change its color?

· Yellow gold. Pure gold has beautiful rich sunny hue. However, gold is not used without admixtures, since gold is very ductile and jewelry, made of it, wears out quickly: the pure gold gets covered with scratches, bends, becomes obliterated. To make diamond jewelry more durable, additional metals are added to gold and they do change the color of gold.

· Red gold. It's obtained when much copper is brought into alloy. Besides, red gold for jewelers is in the dumps: almost ½ of such alloy belongs to additives.

· White gold. This one is obtained with palladium and nickel additives.

· Pink gold. This color is also got thanks to a copper compound.

· Green gold. Silver is added to gold to come up with such an unusual hue.

2. Precious stones and gemstones are afraid of cosmetics and hits

This is true especially for the stones of organic origin, such as pearls, amber, coral, nacre and jade. They are very soft, so it's easy to scratch them. Besides, all natural stones are sensitive to chemical exposure. Protect jewelry from any contact with cosmetics, medicines, detergents and other aggressive substances. Most of natural stones have little crevices on their surface. This is absolutely normal and even adds zest to some kinds of jewelry. However, crevices weaken gemstones. Even with minor hitting you may crash it.

3. Diamond jewelry require loneliness!

Jewelry with diamonds can't be kept in your regular jewelry box with other items. Diamonds are very solid and, therefore, cruel enough to scratch other metals and gemstones. Neighborhood with a diamond may even lead to the situation when a more fragile gemstone simply loses its part. Sometimes to restore it is difficult even for an experienced jeweler. So it's highly recommended to store every diamond jewelry piece in a separate bag.

4. Store only in a jewelry box!

Jewelry items shouldn't get in contact with each other. Buy a jewelry box where every piece will have it separate cell. If you can't find a decent jewelry box for now, separate rings, earring and pendants and place them into separate bags. Be especially careful in regards to the jewelry with gold, silver or rhodium coating because the width of the coating is measured by one thousandth of a millimeter. That's why it obliterates fast.

3 Questions to a Jeweler

1. I have recently noticed that my silver ring got darker. Is it poor quality silver?

- Not at all. Silver darkening is a normal process. It happens due to silver interaction with serum, which we deal with in everyday life.

2. Why jewelry sometimes loses precious stones or gemstones?

- A stone can be fixed either with glue or by metal fixing. The first method is not reliable and can be used in cheap jewelry. Glued stones are frequently lost. The second method suggests a more complicated procedure that needs special equipment. Therefore, the price of such a jewelry piece rises. However, fixing of a stone in a jewelry piece is a guarantee of its durability.

3. I've heard there are refined gemstones. What is it about?

- A stone grows in natural environment where it can be affected by various troubles - temperature fluctuations or rock shifts. They cause crevices and change of color. To make such a stone more appealing, it undergoes treatment and refinement. They by no means decrease the stone value.


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