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Interesting facts about garnet rings and buying tips

Updated on July 13, 2012

Heart shaped Diamond and Garnet Ring


Garnet rings are another beautiful category of gemstone jewelry. With innovative designs hogging the lime light, gemstones and diamonds are experiencing great demand in recent times. For a romantic date, gemstone rings are an ultimate choice. For a wedding ceremony, garnet rings are one among the recent contenders. For an engagement program, sapphire engagement rings are a great option. In addition to auspicious occasions, other happy moments like a birthday or an anniversary can still be celebrated with great joy, purchasing this gemstone jewelry. As the majority of customers do not know much about garnet rings, here are some interesting facts about the garnet jewelry.

Granatum is the word which gave rise to garnet. This word means pomegranate seed. As a garnet stone resembles a pomegranate seed in terms of color and shape, these garnet rings are named after that seed. Garnet stones are available in a scintillating red color and with different shades of red. The whole set of silicates are referred by this name. While garnet stones are used in jewelry, there are other segments like the construction and engineering works which use these stones. While these stones are available in different parts of the world, high quality garnet rings are made from stones available in South Africa.

14K White gold Sapphire engagement Ring


Garnet rings offer a striking feature to your personality with their reddish tinge. While wedding bands are a great symbol of a new union, garnet stones add a romantic touch to this significance. These stones are now commonly used in wedding jewelry. Sapphire engagement rings are a great combination with these stones. The blue and red color offers an enigmatic charm to your personality. If you are planning to shop around for your engagement jewelry, try sapphire engagement rings.

Garnet stones are the birthstone for people born in the first month of the year, January. In addition, there is another significant time to gift these amazing beautiful stones and that is the second anniversary. Gifting garnet rings on the second anniversary is a common practice. The stone is supposed to show light in darkness and this is why people carried them while traveling on the sea. In addition, people believe that these garnet gemstones have power to heal certain issues like the joint ailments, blood circulation and depression. However, the main reason for purchasing enticing pieces of garnet rings or sapphire engagement rings is to enjoy the incredible charm of the jewelry. If you are looking for unique and scintillating models of jewelry, try these garnet stones or sapphire engagement rings.


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    • suvitharoja profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from India

      Yes, I love it too.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I love that heart shaped garnet diamond ring! It's just the red color and brilliant reflection of the diamonds that really strike me as beautiful. I have seen a couple of wedding bands with mixed stones and they do look very nice. Enjoyed the read.


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