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Intergalactic Bead Shows sell the best gems, beads and jewelry parts

Updated on July 13, 2016

Intergalactic Bead Show in Charleston SC

The exhibit at the entrance.
The exhibit at the entrance. | Source
Jewelry Gems and Stones
Jewelry Gems and Stones | Source
Jewelry Gems and Stones
Jewelry Gems and Stones | Source
Jewelry Gems and Stones
Jewelry Gems and Stones | Source
A view of the exhibit hall.
A view of the exhibit hall. | Source
A view of the exhibits.
A view of the exhibits. | Source
A Grain of Sand - their orignial vintage & antique clasps
A Grain of Sand - their orignial vintage & antique clasps | Source
Beads of Cambay
Beads of Cambay | Source

Intergalactic Bead & Jewelry Shows

The Intergalactic Bead and Jewelry Show on May 14th and 15th, 2016 was more exciting than anyone expected. Many new dealers were there - and they had a very full show at Trident Tech’s main campus building on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, SC. It is a great opportunity to meet the dealers in person. Some of the exhibitors had antique beads and jewelry parts.

Many bargains were to be had for anyone with a great eye for color and knowledge of the most beautiful gems. There were fantastic gems of all sizes, cuts, colors and descriptions. New gem dealers from all over the world were there. The colors were spectacular! Things like they have cannot be found anywhere locally, so this is a great opportunity for local antique and jewelry shoppers.

The prices were very fair to a bargain basement sale prices. Many gem/jewelry/bead shows do not have any sales or reduced prices at all. Many great finds were at this show. It took a lot of time to see it all.

Beads of Cambay is the sponsor of the show and they have the very best quality and a huge selection of all the gems, beads, and jewelry items. For those on small budgets they also had strands for five or six dollars. Their great website is: They also have a new company The Bead Traders and that website is Arun Yadav is owner/manager and he is at all the shows himself. They are based out of Lawrenceville, GA. They have a huge loyal following for the most discriminating buyers. Many of their customers make jewelry for high-end shops and websites.

One of their best regular gem dealers is Panache Beads and Gems from Richmond, VA. They have great quality things and a lot of regular customers. Their website is:

A Grain of Sand was one of the new exhibitors and they have a lot of exceptional things – like original clasps made of old and very beautiful buttons. Some of them were cameos. You have to see them to believe it. And, some are in Sterling Silver. They are very original. Their website is Located in Mooresville, NC, it is much better than buying online from businesses in China. Customers can call them on the phone. Beautiful clasps are their specialty. These seem to be hard to find for some reason. Also, they sell vintage jewelry items. If there was an award for “Best in Show”, they would have won. You can sign up for email updates on their sales and most recent acquisitions. Suzanne Branca is the owner and passionate collector of beads and jewelry parts and pieces.

Some of the exhibitors are not computer/Internet knowledgeable, and that’s OK, it explains their prices and the way they do business. Sometimes that works to the buyers advantage. The very first exhibit next to the entrance door was an exhibit in the older style of doing things, no website, no email address, someone who just does shows. That was Fred Kross of Top of the Line Designs. He had beautiful strands of emeralds, rubies and moonstone at great prices. You only find things like this at bead/gem shows.

One of their regular exhibitors is Mirwise Wardak and his company Dusang, based in Pendleton, SC., was there with a full exhibit of beads and gems. Some of his gem beads, like black Jade, were only $7.00 a 16 inch strand. His website is He gets a lot of his gems from Afghanistan where people have been trading beads for thousands of years.

Another regular exhibitor is Jewelry Gems & Stones from a small town in South Carolina. Susan and Carnes Barnes are the owners who specialize in American Southwest gems like turquoise. Carnes cuts his own stones. Their website is:

Shoppers can go to the Intergalactic Bead Show website,, to get their schedule. The Intergalactic Bead and Jewelry Show website says they’re “Out of this World!” and they’re not kidding.


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