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Introducing Acacia Swimwear: Your New Favorite Designer Bikinis

Updated on February 19, 2015

Every so often, Orchid Boutique adds new brands to expand our style momentum. We search on a global scale to find certain cuts and patterns that we think reflect our clientele's needs and desires every season. So it was quite refreshing when we stumbled across the Hawaiian/SoCal brand Acacia Swimwear.

For us, Acacia Swimwear filled a certain gap that we had noticed in our collections. The gap was for California, boho-styled bikinis that appeal to the girl-on-the-surfing-go. The girl that is looking to combine chic-trends with an everlasting love for the beach and the water. Enter Acacia Swimwear, the original and super sexy brand that inspires love and all things exotic while mixing in some island, boho-flair.

About the Acacia Swimwear Designers

Acacia Swimwear designers Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons were inspired by their love of travel as well as their love of exotic beaches. While growing up in Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Maui, Naomi saw an opening in the swimwear market and decided she needed an in. So, she began sewing at a very early age.

During her twenties, Naomi found herself in Bali where she was quickly introduced to a plethora of design opportunities. In 2008, Naomi received her fashion degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. This was where Naomi knew she needed to take fashion to the next level, and with Acacia Swimwear, she didn't just that.

Lyndie Irons grew up on the beautiful beaches of Southern California. Lyndie was modeling at the age of 15 and this fueled her love for swimwear and her need to create her own line. While traveling the globe, Lyndie practically lived in a bikini, as she learned to love the water with her husband, professional surfer, Andy Irons.

Lyndie and Naomi are best friends who realized they shared the same passion for fashion and unique vision for a chic swim line. They quickly decided on a partnership, and so was the birth of Acacia Swimwear.

The brand's signature style is a perfect blend between the low-cut Italian bikini and the classic Brazilian bottom behind. Acacia Swimwear is the epitome of beach lifestyle, travels, and Native American heritage, which is showcased within the tropical patterns and tribal motifs. Neutral colors and tones are mixed with vivacious pops of color, all the while incorporating crochet detail and caged looks.

Topless Sandy's Manhattan Bikini

Acacia Swimwear epitomizes a certain lifestyle that most of us strive to live - the "Gypsetter". The Gypsy, boho gal who also likes to set the stage for certain trends and fashions. That's why Acacia Swimwear is so detail oriented with custom prints and intricate macrame detail -- it takes style to a brand new level.

Coming out of the gate running, Acacia Swimwear is widely recognized for their spectacular designs, quality fabrics, and sultry cuts. The brand's playful concepts and ethnic-print inspired patterns are what set this brand apart from the rest. You can channel your inner boho-chic goddess look that is essential for the tropics and beyond. Take a look at the 2015 Acacia Swimwear collection and be prepared to be wowed.

Haupia Triangle High Waisted Bikini

Monaco Riviera Riviera Bikini

Shave Ice Panama Bikini

Papaya Andy Bikini

Tribal Ombre Panama Bikini

Teahupo'o Birds of Paradise

Coconut Secrets Bikini

Florence Snake One Piece

Moscow Snake Maxi

Birds of Paradise Andy Bikini

Snake Santorini Bikini

Acacia Swimwear 2014 Miami Runway Show

Designers Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons share a divine interest in all things swimwear, with an inspired common vision which is now Acacia Swimwear. The dynamic duo were interviewed recently by GrindTV and came up with a their own Top Five Essential Summer Items. Take a look at what they've found.

1) Beach Sidekicks:

Axel Irons and Bronxy, a wild-child French bulldog.

2) Fresh Coco Water: Crucial to beating the summer heat and keeping healthy and hydrated.

3) Acacia Swimwear, duh: The girls model their favorite styles often on their own social media.

4) Acacia Silkies: Silk robes and resor wear to amp up your summer style.

5) Locally grown fruits: Passion fruit, mangosteens, and watermelon are all incorporated into the girls' daily lifestyle during the summer.

Shop the 2015 Acacia Swimwear collection today and bump your summer style up a notch!

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