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How to Spot an Investment-Worthy Bag

Updated on November 19, 2012

Hermes Bags

The mother of all investment bags. With a waiting list that can stretch longer than a year and prices ranging from US$9,000 to US$150,000, this is the bag to work towards.
The mother of all investment bags. With a waiting list that can stretch longer than a year and prices ranging from US$9,000 to US$150,000, this is the bag to work towards. | Source

Every girl dreams of owning a designer bag. Shopping for one is like making an investment. A good one gives you more mileage and returns in the future.

Never Make an Impulsive Purchase

Obviously, when you are going to drop a substantial amount of money on a bag, never go with your gut instinct or make an impulsive purchase. The thing is, an investment-worthy bag is one that will weather all fashion seasons, goes with everything in your closet and can even be passed onto your daughters eventually. So take your research to the Internet and find out what different brands are available, their price point and whether there's a demand for it. Ask around for opinions, consider your usual pencil skirt outfits to work and see if it can take you from day to night.

Always go for the Big Labels

Another important thing to consider? The brand. Always go for the big labels. There's a reason why big names such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci & Prada can command such exorbitant prices and yet remain highly sought after. These fashion giants have a long standing history and reputation of developing quality products that last season after season so you won't be seen as a fashion faux pas event if you carry one of their designs 10 years later.

Comparison Between The Bags You Have Shortlisted

After your have done your research, do a comparison between the bags you have shortlisted, before doing a pros-and-cons list. Some questions to ask yourself include: "Does this match my usual style?", "Can it go with 70% of my wadrobe?" and "is it suitable for both work & play?"

Style Icon: Victoria Beckham


Trends Don't Matter

When shopping for a designer bag, most girls make the mistake of looking at the latest styles and current runway trends. But It bags don't always make good investments.The ones that will still have value in long term are classics because they never go out of style. Take Victoria Beckham for instance. While she can easily afford all the designer bags in the world, this style icon sure knows the value of the classics. After all, she's known to own the classic Hermes Birkin in a variety of sizes, colors and leathers!

Limited Editions or not?

Sometimes, brands will make certain models of bags in limited-edition colors or materials. While there may only be 10 shocking pink Fendi Baguettes in the world the rarity of the bag might not necessarily mean it'll worth more in the future. In fact, the value of limited-edition bags tend to depreciate especially when the color is no longer in vogue. So play it safe if you are in the long-term investment, opt for neutral and classic colors such as black, brown, beige and camel.

Hit The Stores, Not The Internet

If you're going to but a designer bag from a website, know that it comes with risks. The danger that arises from shopping online for designer goods is obvious. You never know if you are getting the real deal. Buying straight from the brand's boutique ensures its authenticity. Plus, purchasing from the boutique also means your bag come with all the necessary packaging, like the dust bag & certificate.


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