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Invicta II Swiss Automatic and Quartz Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Invicta II: Simplicity Dominates

Invicta II is a master collection that focuses on affordable watches: casual, general sports, racing and diver's. The collection's strength lies in its versatility – functional, as well as visual; dial and face design take precedence over elaborate case or bracelets enhancements, resulting in fairly traditional looking watches.

This tendency is especially evident in the Elegant models, which employ uncharacteristically simple dial configurations, consisting basically of a monochromatic background, a set of baton hands, and Roman numerals. Ladies models benefit the most from concepts expressed in Invicta II, and even as the collection incorporates diamonds and gold plating, principles of simplicity dominate the timepieces.

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As often happens in compiled collections, Invicta II is governed by a generally abstract concept rather than by a singular design vision (obvious in such lines as Invicta Lupah or Russian Diver).

Here the idea is to manufacture basic watches, in price and visual appearance – without sacrificing quality – and sophisticated enough to distinguish them from the rest. The company succeeds in its ambition at least partially.

While some of the sports models resemble the tamer versions of Pro Diver or Speedway, the elegant variations, especially the Ladies models, stand out as almost a separate collection that presents a strong, independent alternative to the sleek Slim quartz watches. Ladies timers habitually include mother-of-pearl, gold plating, and diamonds, which essentially upgrades them to dressy status. Bracelets, especially the two-tone ones, bear some Ebel characteristics.


While automatic, automatic chronographs, and quartz calibers are equally common in Invicta II, it's the latter movement that found its way into the title of some subcollections – such as the Classic Quartz and Elegant Steel Quartz. Here the technological advancement associated with quartz is present indirectly: it's a factor that enables to bring down the design to its basics, allowing for thinner, minimalistic products.


Materials include stainless steel, gold plating, mother-of-pearl, diamonds, Tritnite coating for the hands&indexes, ceramics (dials in Elegant Steel Quartz models) and sapphire crystal dial covers


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