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Invicta Mens Pro Diver Watches

Updated on October 8, 2010

Being the mid-range Pro Diver watch, the Invicta Men's 8926 Pro Diver Automatic Watch offers the features of an expensive watch at the price of an everyday watch.  Plus it's had over 400 positive reviews making it one of the most love Invicta watches of all time!

Invicta is quickly becoming the leader in men's watches as more and more men are rocking Invicta watches.  And it's no wonder that with the diversity of Invicta's men's watches there's a style for just about every occasion or fashion.  Not to mention that Invicta's watches are very affordable making it accessible to all types of people. 

One of the most prominent styles of Invicta watches is the Pro Diver series.  Having the elegance of other maritime watches, the Pro Diver series features a highly polished surgical stainless steel casing and wristband, a completely functional uni-directional bezel for timing, and luminous hands and numerals.  The watches are built to withstand an active lifestyle and have either a flame-fusion or sapphire crystal watch glass that resists scratching and chipping.  While the Pro Diver watches provide a professional and stylish look, they are completely functional for diving and are water resistant anywhere from 300 to 500 feet depending on the model.  The Pro Diver series has a variety of movements that ranging from the automatic Swiss movements of the more expensive models to the 21-jewel Swiss quartz movement on the lower priced models. If you like the reputation of the Swiss watchmakers, then Invicta men's watches are a great way to get Swiss quality at an affordable price.

Below are a few of the best selling Pro Diver's watches.  They range from the base models to the more elegant as there is bound to be a watch that's just right for you.  If you would like to see other models, check out this Invicta watch review.

Invicta Men's 5249S Pro Diver Stainless Steel Silver Dial Watch

The 5249S Pro Diver watch is one of Invicta's best selling watches and at close to 85% off it's easy to see why.  Being a great watch for any occasion, this model has a stainless steel wristband and casing with a case diameter of only 45 mm which is smaller than Invicta's unusually large average.  The flame-fusion watch glass is very durable and can withstand everyday wear.  It features a Swiss quartz movement and has a day and date calendar function.  The uni-directional bezel is great for timing especially while diving, and watch is water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet).  Being very affordable, this watch makes a great gift for a friend or significant other or even for yourself.

Invicta Men's 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

The Invicta Men's 8926 is the most popular Pro Diver watch with over 485 reviews on Amazon is has been well received and loved by hundreds of reviewers.  Perhaps this is because the 8926 features all of the characteristics of an expensive luxury watch at a fraction of the price.  For under 100 bucks you get the 21 jewel automatic movement (a luxury feature) that uses the movement of your arm to wind the watch.  The style mimics the more expensive watches such as the Rolex Submariner or the Omega watches with oyster style bezel.  The watch's 43 mm face is large but not too large and it has the Mercedes style hands and Tritnite luminous markings that stand out on the black background of the watch.  The rotating bezel is perfect for timing if you care to dive as the watch is water resistant for up to 200 meters.  This watch is truly a steal and if you get any Invicta mens watch it will probably be this one.

Invicta Men's 9937OB Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch

The Invicta Men's 9937OB is one of the premier Pro Diver watches that features a whole array of luxury features.  Continuing with the Pro Diver style, it has a modest 40mm casing made from surgical grade stainless steel.  The 9937OB features a clean and minimalist look with stark contrast between the black watch face and the white luminescent hands and dial.  The watch has a unidirectional coin-edged bezel with the same black and white theme that is both stylish and functional and completes the look of a diving watch.  The watch features an automatic movement, meaning that it's self-winding, which is revered by watch enthusiasts.  This means that you have to wear it about 8 hours every day in order to keep it wound.  Having been compared to the Rolex Submariner, this watch looks and feels like an expensive luxury watch but is a small fraction of the price.  So if you ever thought about dropping two grand on a watch but wanted to see if you could handle it, this is a great trainer watch to let you learn the ins and outs of wearing a luxury watch.

Invicta's workmanship is backed up by an extended warranty plan.  In order to qualify for the plan it's important to note that you need to sign up within thirty days of the purchase on their website.  There are complete instructions on their website and over at  Furthermore, the Pro Diver series feature a screw down crown that seals the watch from any water penetration.  It's important to keep the watch crown screwed down when submerging the watch or else it voids the warranty.  Just a couple of quick pointers to help you get the most from your Invicta Pro Diver watch.


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