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Invicta Reserve Quartz&Automatic, Chronograph Swiss Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Invicta Reserve: Invicta's Luxury

Invicta Reserve is the brand's high-end collection: it casually incorporates gold plating, includes officially certified chronometers (tested at the same institute where Rolex chronometers are tested), and stresses originality of design – sometimes, as the decorative bezels of Reserve Bolt show, at the cost of aerodynamic flow.

Invicta Reserve is a compilation first and foremost, borrowing from several other lines, not necessarily related in terms of design&utility. The common element in this collection is luxury. Let's examine the lines included:

  • Reserve Bolt: chronographs with apertured hands, a swift red subdial at six o'clock, and unusual decorative feature on the bezel – a cable attached by miniature holders, replicating naval equipment.

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  • Reserve Subaqua Venom: a line of diving watches with a tightly organized dial, and luminescent colors in the rubber variations. Bracelets come in predominantly dark colors, generating vivid contrasts and facilitating legibility in dark underwater conditions.

  • Excursion Reserve is a collection of dressy sports watches containing automatic chronographs or Swiss quartz movements. Timers come in stainless steel or gold, abandoning fanciful design for a more solid presentation.

  • Specialty Reserve Chronograph: mostly two-tone chronograph watches with sophisticated bezels (six screws, echoing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak), and “smoky-transparent eyes” on the dials – a different way to organize colors on the face. Shows some dressy&elegant characteristics, but is rougher than the Excursion.

  • Reserve Pro Diver (Exotic Dial): automatic diving chronometers – simple dial configurations, unmistakable evening wear qualities, and some subtle Rolex references. Exotic dial models incorporate blue sandstone, jade, or tiger's eye, displaying a bright, somewhat intoxicating front. The watches should come with official Swiss Chronometer certificate.

  • Akula Reserve features a submarine inspired case and lugs designundoubtedly one of the most impressive and shocking of all Invicta products. A heavy, stainless steel round case is outflanked by fitting rectangular lugs, creating a symbolical representation of an armored vessel. The use of rubber, and venomous red and orange tones are enough of an addition to catapult Akula Reserve to the top of the list of the most uncommon watch designs.

The collection includes a well developed ladies line: same watches in smaller dimension, plus diamonds, and, lighter, more vivacious colors.


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