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Invicta S1 Rally Racing Sports Chronograph Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

S1 Rally: Spaceship and Monaco

Invicta S1 Rally contains two main lines: one tonneau shaped, remotely alluding to Tag Heuer Monaco, and another round shaped, a true futuristic chronograph with spaceship control panel design. Both contain Swiss made professional chronograph movements operated by large, easy to find and press push buttons.

S1 Touring Edition

S1 Touring Edition is a sports dressy watch that doesn't compromise on function: it displays extra busy dials, yet presents it all in a sleek, aerodynamic package supported by a bufalino strap. The overall impression is a of a watch of a busy gentleman who loves and knows how to handle speed with style. There's something humorous about the way the three metal inlaid subdials intertwine between themselves and the main inner circle:

Click thumbnail to view full-size

There's a monkey head hiding there somewhere. It's difficult to say whether Invicta intended for this shape to reference this animal, but it definitely injects an element of mischief into the design.

What keeps this mischief in control is the tachymeter scale that spreads near the inner border of the dial, and the carbon fiber basis, on which all the scheme rests.

S1 Sport Chrono

S1 Sport Chrono sheds all gentlemanly ambitions, and boldly forays into futuristic, utility oriented design territory.

The line develops its own aesthetic, no doubt beautiful in its own unique sense: the screws on the two tone bezels act as stars surrounding the window of the dial, which, in turn, appears to glimpse somewhere into the deep black space.

In a way, there's something romantic about this watch.

But S1 Sport Chrono is a professional sports timer first and foremost: its crown and push buttons repeat those of the Touring Edition, guaranteeing the same ease of application, and its three subdials, only the southern one keeping the round form, provide a needed visual alternative.


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