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Invicta Sea Spider and Ocean Quest Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Nautical Watches

Sea Spider and Ocean Quest are Invicta's nautical collections, designed for sailing professionals. Both collections contain the ever-important sports chronograph function – but while all Sea Spider watches are automatic, Ocean Quest took the dive and equipped the timers with quartz movements.

This crucial discrepancy is reinforced by design differences, which are so significant as to project two distinct philosophies. Let's take a closer look at each collection and see what they are.

Sea Spider

Sea Spider offers the biggest of all Invicta watches: the Chronograph XL. 55 mm in diameter, with massive fixed bezels and matching bulky, stainless steel cases, these watches aim for visual domination, regardless of the setting.

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In order to offset the weight of the case, Invicta outfitted the line with extra light thermopolymer bands. Sea Spider Chrono, the “little” brother (50 mm) of the Chronograph XL presents less aggressiveness: thinner bezels, and fine Arabic numerals instead of the taciturn indexes.

Dial design of two subdials on top, one below, tightly positioned, remains the same in both.

Some of the timepieces are notable for their color. While most watches exhibit an unambiguous pro look – brushed steel and dark black, brown or blue, some of the offerings were soaked with eye-popping Dr. Pepper red, or similarly bright yellow.

This design garners the Sea Spider some tasty enigma points.

Ocean Quest

Ocean Quest is lighter than the Sea Spider, both in design aesthetic and literally – yet it carries just as much character. The line includes the Yachting Edition and the Tide Edition, the former featuring an all stainless steel package with distinct color play on the dials, the latter essentially borrowing the case&lugs from Corduba (Ibiza Diver), including the crown and pushers design.

This makes the editions considerably different; the differences, though, are not that obvious because of the dial color scheme.

Dials are the main attraction of Ocean Quest watches. Dispensing with inlays, the collection opts for various color configurations that distinguish the chronograph subdials simply by coloring them in a contrasting tone. Surprisingly, very few watchmakers risk to take this seemingly naïve approach – which, in this case, infects the watches with verve and energy.


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