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Invicta Signature Automatic and Quartz Swiss Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Invicta Signature: Casual and Dressy Compilation

A casual look at Invicta catalog might leave the impression that Invicta only manufacture sports watches – leaving the casual and dressy niches be. That would be a misconception, as the brand manufactures a notable assortment of more conventionally looking watches that often simply relinquish their prominence to the rebels. Invicta Signature collection remedies this wrong by compiling from familiar collections watches with casual as well as elegant fashion features.

  • Russian Diver Signature watches differ from the main collection in reliance on simple leather straps instead of elaborate bracelets, and on a generally more formal appearance. The formality is expressed mostly in fewer colors and complications. Russian Diver Signature also offers square watches – something lacking in the main line. The square pieces underline the black tie tendency.

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  • Pro Diver Signature collection hosts Ocean Ghost, Grand Diver, Abyss Automatic, Knurled, Ceramic, Sapphire and Aluminum models – essentially adding an entire department of watches designed especially for the dressy signature line. It also incorporates rare materials and experiments with form and size, offering unusually small pieces (Ladies). The decorative flair especially transpires from the use of diamonds and two-tone case&band configurations.

  • Speedway Signature upholds the spirit of regular Speedway, injecting it with some luxurious vibrancy: diamonds on the bezel, and brighter, two-tone stainless steel cases and bracelets. The cases carry a combination of polished and brushed steel, often plated with 18k gold. A relatively small line of chronographs, Speedway Signature also offers leather straps instead of the bracelets.

  • Lupah Signature is a "mirror image" of the main Lupah line, adding some dressy glitz by inlaying the subdials and numerals with metal. It contains automatic and quartz movements, encased by timers made for both men and women. The round openworked “skeleton” models are the highlight of this collection.

  • Vintage and Wild Flower are horology and fashion oriented collections respectively, the former including gold plated, openworked timepieces with moonphases complications (a rare addition to Invicta's arsenal of complications), and the latter small and delicate square watches for Ladies, notable for their use of mother of pearl and solid stainless steel cases.


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