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Invicta Speedway Automatic&Quartz Swiss Chronograph Watch Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Speedway: Exotic and Traditional

Invicta Speedway contains a round and a rectangular line, essentially repeating Invicta S1 Rally organization. Round models offer an assortment of chronographs titled 360, Grand Speedway, Prowler, and Signature; the square Vasuki subcollection is the more exotic of the two: fulfilling the oriental name implication, it demonstrates a hieroglyphic case, with Japanese like numerals reinforcing the illusion.

More than anything, this violent, bursting design creates a sense of speed – what surely must have been the brand's intent. Speedway chronographs are remarkable in that almost all of them encase quartz calibers.

Speedway Signature

Also given the title “Swiss Speedway,” offers dressy models, some encrusted with diamonds, that for once put aside the constant search for design innovations, and rely on basic Swiss inspired qualities:

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Invicta Speedway ChronographInvicta Speedway VasukiInvicta Speedway Men's
Invicta Speedway Chronograph
Invicta Speedway Chronograph
Invicta Speedway Vasuki
Invicta Speedway Vasuki
Invicta Speedway Men's
Invicta Speedway Men's

brick linked bracelets, single, or two-tone, and small metal inlayed subdials controlled by the chronograph function. Leather straps are available for those preferring an even more classic appearance.


Grand, 360, and Prowler are all variations distinguished by one or two particular features. 360 is notable for its massive crown, uncharacteristically automatic movement and the usage of a rotating disk to indicate chrono time (similarly to Ebel Tekton). Prowler carries a tachymeter scale on the thin Tag Heuer Link inspired bezel, and Grand adds a variety of colors to the mix. The Arabic numerals in the Speedway Grand begin to take a remotely oriental shape, leading towards the Vasuki.


Speedway Vasuki is significantly different from the round watches, offering a real aesthetic alternative. Though just as solid – being manufactured from stainless steel, supported by a leather strap, and containing a quartz chronograph – it is also more playful.

There's a generalized, symbolic reference to Japanese culture in there, particularly to pop culture. Considering that recently it's becoming more and more popular, Speedway Vasuki may become one of Invicta's most successful collections to date.


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