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Invicta women's chronograph diamond watch

Updated on March 26, 2012

Invicta watches are always associated with quality. This is not surprising as the Invicta Watch Group has always been one of the more revered watchmaking companies. Although most Invicta watches are not as expensive as Rolex, since Invicta watches are priced from one hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars, they are already very valuable, as they can rival Rolex watches and other pricier alternatives in terms of quality and function. As Invicta has manufactured more than a thousand watches over a few decades, you can choose from a variety of Invicta watches in the market. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that you would rather have a joyous time looking for that perfect Invicta watch that would accommodate your budget, preferences, and needs.

Although many women first thought of the Invicta women’s chronograph diamond watch as too bulky and oversized for their rather small wrists, a number of them who bought such a watch did not regret buying so, as the said watch was plainly fabulous. The stopwatch feature is a convenient addition and the mother of the pearl face beautifully complements the chronograph diamond watch. However, for women who are looking for visible diamonds surrounding the face of the watch, this may not be the perfect watch, as the diamonds are rather minuscule and not clearly visible. Still, it’s a good buy as it is a rather wonderful inclusion to any watch or jewelry collection.

As with the Invicta women’s chronograph diamond watch, Bulova women’s watches have also carved their own ‘hallmark’ in the watch market. More often than not, Bulova women’s watches are always patronized by women, who are looking for watches that guarantee fashion and function at the same time. One of the more popular Bulova women’s watches is the Bulova 96R000. With Bulova 96000, it is almost inevitable that the wearer will be complimented for wearing such a fashionable and functional watch. The precious stones adorning the watch, although tiny and rather microscopic, glitter to the point that they do seem noticeable, albeit their small size. As for the face, it is on the bigger side yet still chic enough to qualify for a women’s watch. Furthermore, you can just go to the nearest Bulova retailer to have the watch adjusted, depending on the size of your wrist. How convenient is that?

            Another direct competitor of the Invicta women’s chronograph diamond watch, or the Invicta watches to be more general, is the Rotary women’s watches. For over a century, Rotary is noted for blending the traditional with the contemporary and therefore bringing innovation to the watch industry. No wonder, their collections of women’s watches are always met with enthusiasm and eagerness on the part of the women who claim to be fans of the Rotary watches. Some notable women watches from Rotary include the Les Originales Ladies Watches line, which are Swiss luxury watches that are composed of seemingly unique watch clasps and sapphire glass, the Aquaspeed Ladies Watches which are marketed as a collection of sports watches for ladies, and the Precious Metals Ladies Watches which combine classic appeal and rarity, as they are composed of rare precious stones.

Despite the fact that the Invicta women’s chronograph diamond watch faces stiff competition, it still has a massive following in the watch market. Similarly, even the men’s diamond watches produced by Invicta is also notable, as the Invicta brand of watches is tied to the idea of topnotch quality.


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