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Ipsy Bag for July 2017!

Updated on July 19, 2017

Check Out What I Got!

Wow half the year is already passed and another IPSY Bag has just arrived in my mail.

This month my Ipsy bag was based on those Sunday lazy hours that we find nothing to do, and don't want to do anything at all, and who can blame us right?

So what I found in this months bag was...

1. Eyeko London - Skinny Liquid Eyeliner.

What I thought: This product has a very skinny tip for precision lining and a deep black shade when applied. I am worried that if you hold the pencil up it will dry out and not apply on the skin, but I think that's why they made the pencil 0.04grams so that it is small enough that the liquid can't move around too much and it stays concentrated on the tip. So far I've used twice and I like it, very easy to control on the eyes as far as the person holding it, that is a different issue ;)

2. Bella Pierre - Banana Setting Powder

What I thought: For a brand I haven't heard much about, I know that Bella Pierre is cruelty-free and once applied doesn't look like a white baby powder that is too thick to smear and blend in. The product does not fall in to my wrinkles as other setting powders that I've used and it creates a beautiful finish under my eyes even when I only have foundation under my eyes. Definitely sits brighter under the eyes so that it accentuates my highlight and contour. I give this product a thumbs up!

3. Tarte - Park Avenue Princess Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

What I thought: I love this bronzer for a olive skin tone, and if you're on the lighter spectrum of the foundations. It perfectly contours the cheekbones, and its not heavy for an every day routine. I actually have the normal sized contour from the brand and use it almost everyday for my normal day wear routine!

4. Seraphine Botanicals - Ginger + Gold Peach and Gold Frosting Blush

What I thought: I have never seen a blush as beautiful as this one because of the way it wears on the skin. I LOVE IT and have been using it since I received it. It is such a beautiful color for my skin tone and sits perfectly with your make up when you don't over highlight (inner eyes, above mouth, and forehead). The color is perfect and I have been searching for a blush for the longest time that can work as a highlight and a blush. I also see that they don't test their products on animals which I love. I would recommend this product to Carli Bybel because I know shes always looking for cruelty- free products. Two thumbs up for this product. Highly recommended to check out more of their products!

5. BRTC - Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Pack

What I thought: I honestly haven't tried this product, but I see you're supposed to sleep with it. This product says it turns into a mask on your face overnight and you're supposed to wash it away in the morning. I don't know how I feel about chemicals on my face for that long, but I am willing to give it a try. The bottle says it is made with Blue Phyto Complex and Purple Vigor Complex, but It doesn't say that it WASN'T tried on animals. Don't have an opinion about this product yet, has anyone tried it??


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