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Ipsy Glam Bag August!

Updated on August 18, 2016

Last Month Before School!

August is the month before school starts, with that said, summer is the period where you can try out any new makeup looks and hairstyles for the fall season. By doing a new make up trick you will know what works for you and what looks good in the summer sun. I start school in San Diego and since the campus is outside there is sun year-round! Makeup with a splash of highlight makes you look great and even by giving your eyes a pop with a highlighter on the brow bone makes a small detail in your makeup, but a great addition. In my monthly glam bag I received a highlighter I'll show you later that I believe can wake up anyone in the classroom!

This months bag brought a variety of different products, and some I hadn't heard about until I received them this month. Here is what I received!

Lets Empty The Bag!

1. The first item to be pulled out was the "It Hair care", 12-In-One Amazing Leave in Hair Treatment. This bottle is considered full size considering its instructed to use a pea size amount on damp hair. I tried it today and am currently curling my hair so I'll see how it reacts to styling, but the smell and texture is easy and non greasy! It claims it meets TSA guidelines so you can take on trips and it has the potential to repair dry and damaged hair, protect from split ends and breakage, shiny and healthy hair, transform frizz to silk, heat protection, remove tangles,restore natural body, and protect your color! That is your whole styling routine in one bottle pretty much.

OFRA Highlight!

2. The second pick was a mix of a highlighter and you can also use it as an eye shadow! Which is amazing for us girls in a rush in the mornings for school. The brand is called OFRA Cosmetics. I personally haven't heard about this brand, but I researched a little about them to give you guys a background on them. I was pretty impressed to hear they were a vegan-friendly and have been claimed for amazing quality when applied. People say in testimonials that they carry acne cleansers and products and they works wonders for you skin texture.

Eye Shadow Palette

3. If you're looking for an easy routine for your eye shadow, follow this easy application for the following product. The name is "Neapolitan Palette, by Jelly Pong Pong". The colors are easy to work with and not too pigmented so you can pack it on depending on how you want your eyes to pop.The colors are neutral shimmers, we have our lightest shade as a creamy, shimmery, pastel color and I use that for my inner corner. The middle shade is exactly where you apply it on-the middle shade. It is a shimmery pink and plum color, I love this shade because it blends well with every color! The final shade is a dark brown for creating a smokey look with all the colors and there you have a complete palette for everyday school make up.


4.I typically don't do my nails myself, but this nail polish drys so fast that I decided to do them myself and skip the salon. The brand is distributed from London and it is immediately noticed that it is highly pigmented and has a thick brush as well as leaving a smooth texture on the nails. The color I have is "Spinning Teacup", which you can actually see my finger in, in the picture above!

In Transit Camera Close Up

5.This is a mask,moisturizer, and primer in one. My first impression of this product was that it smells pleasant and kind of herb-y. The texture is not a thick cream, but very easily to be smoothed out on clean skin and it drys quickly so you can continue with your ideal primer. I only say this because I don't think it primed to its name. My skin has a lot of deep pores so I don't think I will be including this product in my make up routine. Other than the primer substance I liked the feel more of a moisturizer label for this product.


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