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Ipsy July Glam Bag

Updated on July 27, 2016

Get Started with Ipsy....

Starting with Ipsy is very easy!

Every month you receive a cute little purse which includes a variety of beauty brands. When you first register on for your monthly subscription you fill out a quick quiz so they can better understand your taste on beauty products! Taking this quiz is how they create your monthly beauty bag and you receive your 5 items to try; in sample size for a $10 monthly fee. They also include great brands of beauty brushes which come in full size!

I've been a member since March of 2016 and so far I love the stuff I get. If I don't need something, it makes for a great add-on to a birthday gift and my friends always love the element of surprise they have with every bag.

This summers' beauty bag has a theme of "HOT SUMMER NIGHTS"..

I felt my bag had more skin products for summer which was perfect timing, considering the hot summer weather made my skin dry and dehydrated so I was happy with my products.

Check out the products I got!

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

My next item in the summer glam bag was a nail polish.The color is not only subtle, but I love the value of the polish as well. The brand is known for being..

1. Vegan


3.Toxic Free!! (which is GREAT because it is proven to lead to cancers by entering the blood stream)

4.Wide tip brush for easy application

I must also say this color looks great with a tan, or as a base with a pop of decoration on the nail. It drys so quickly too!

Vasanti Make up Brush

Creating the Look with Vasanti

The Vasanti Make Up Brush was another surprise inside this months' glam bag. My friend told me she uses it as a packing brush for her eyes and it adds more of a pop since it becomes layered with pigment!

I found this brilliant so I tried it and was impressed with the quality of the brush,super soft and no harsh bristles. Also perfect for perfectly straight streaks when creating a cat eye look for a night time look.

Lashes Forever!

The next item is called "Make Up Forever, Excessive Lash" .

I like it, it has its own way of application for maximum effect & since this is the travel size its perfect for an easy vacation or on the go for a quick pop of the eye!

First, roll the brush off the top of the lashes and then apply it to the other side. Basically both sides are covered and just repeat until happy with the results of your extended lashes. As far as the formula, I don't notice much difference between the other mascaras I use. Truth is if you have nice lashes any mascara will look good on you!

Skyn Iceland Daily Lotion

This brand of daily lotion is such a sheer layer of perfection and I am beyond impressed!

When I first apply it I noticed that a little amount on your finger goes a long way and covers half your face. The lotion itself gives you a literal rejuvenation and you can feel a cooling sensation for about 5-7 minutes. After application your skin feels like its smooth, clean, and primed and ready for your make up routine.

I use this lotion only on a clean face and let it get absorbed before priming.

Palmetto Derma

A mask during the summer is a perfect way to get rid of dry and dead skin cells,but If you are planning on tanning during summer I would be careful not to use it to often because it'll dry your skin and possibly cause redness from irritation.

The mask is applied with a thin layer, it goes on clear and you can keep it on from 5-20 minutes depending on what you have time for.Be aware of your skin condition especially if it starts burning or if you notice redness, make sure to wash immediately. Enjoy your smooth, porcelain skin after!

Ipsy Kicks Off The Summer Season!

Ipsy glam bags are the best way to start off your month and your skin!

The skincare they send shows they put thought and care in to your certain skin type.The colors they send compliment your complexion and accentuate your face.Lastly, they make it affordable for you to find what works for you and stick to it!

Their site shows you all the products they send so you can buy it in full size and with a percentage of saving, as well as having the trust in confidence in the product and its quality!


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