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Is Lush Worth The Switch and The Price?

Updated on February 21, 2017

Vegan Beauty

I have multiple friends who not only have an opinion on Lush prices, but an opinion on whether the products work. We all know the girl who strives for a wholistic beauty regimen. She only uses all natural products on her body and aims for the cleanest way to maintain her beauty. But can that not be you? We are going to discuss a few reasons to make the switch and one reason to not.

Perhaps one of the first reasons for the switch is the obvious- Lush products are 100% organic. This appeals to the girl looking to live a healthy lifestyle. The organic products ease our fear of bad skin or damaged hair. Not to mention, what organic products can do for our overall health. Is it not true that most people are trying for a healthier lifestyle? Not only does that include what you put inside your body, but what products go on the outside.

Is your skin, hair, and body important to you? If so, you might want to look into these amazing products! Not only is Lush 100% organic; they also do not test their products on animals. I do not know about you guys, but that seems like reason enough for me. Animal testing has become a huge deal in the beauty industry. Companies like Lush are striving for a more humane way to deliver the beauty products women want. Is animal testing something you are against? Do you have a feeling of guilt when putting on your favorite mascara? Women all across the world are starting to take this into consideration during their beauty regimen.

Perhaps, the most important part is the clean feel these products create for the users. Their beauty products will not further destroy your skin. In fact the women who use these products can notice a difference in their overall skin health. Several close friends of mine have given me their experience with their skin health due to Lush. "It makes my skin feel healthy and soft after I use it", says Mckenzie Malone with a smile. Kira Parker follows with, "The organic and vegan ingredients in Lush's products have nourished my skin in ways that chemicals in other products cannot. I think it's always better to go with organic ingredients when it comes to your health". After taking into consideration their experience, as well as my other friends, I decided to take the plunge. As someone who has suffered with blemishes for many years, let me tell you, these products have changed how I take care of my skin.

After just one week of using Lush products, I noticed an incredible difference in my skin. It was clearing up, and new blemishes were no longer appearing. My skin glowed just like the celebrities I have always admired. Have you ever considered how we as women use make up to cover up the very thing it creates? After coming to this realization and taking action, I was beyond astonished by the results. Lush is the only beauty company that has made me feel beautiful with their make up, and none of their products contain the awful chemicals that destroy your skin.

Time to face the cold hard truth; one reason people stray away from these products is because of the price. I have friends who say they will never spend that much on their beauty products. I also have friends who swear by never going back regardless of the price. This can only be a personal decision. Are the prices worth the benefits? Is it something anyone can truly afford to maintain? Unfortunately, the answer to the last question is no. Not everyone can produce the cash needed to maintain a Lush lifestyle. What do you do then? Are you doomed to bad skin? Of course not! One can go on Pinterest any day and find hundreds of ways to create their own organic products. But is that something the working woman on the go has time to do?

After weighing through the options on the Lush topic- I could not be more sold, despite the price tag. Take it from a poor college student; the cost is worth the benefits. Since I made the switch my skin cannot stop smiling. Although I cannot speak for other women; Lush products have worked well for me. If this is not an option for you; explore the other great possibilities at your finger tips! Lush may be the brand, but a healthy beauty regimen is the benefit.

© 2017 Olivia Colvert


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