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Is Tattooing An Art?

Updated on June 18, 2015

Understanding The Sense and Essence Of Tattooing (by: Albert Gran)

Our concept about "tattoo" or "tattooing" is basically considered a social issue. When there were writers touching about this issue, people had differing thoughts whether or not it's considered an art. I do considered tattooing as an individual's expression of art. As many said, "It's a body's art". When an art is expressed in form of showing the expression of an artist's creativity, then we might considered such an art. However, there's also a thought behind the brighter perspective of expressing an art right through your body.

As we do our chores everyday, play around, hang out with friends, and going everywhere in public places, we were usually exposed ourselves to be contaminated with unclean objects such as dirt and dusts. It might cause us to take a bath and get clean. We felt relaxed and stayed afresh when seem felt our body is clean and free from contamination. Everyone of us realized this is what we viewed ourselves clean when our body is free from outside elements.

We get ourselves cleaned, maintain the fresh look, and sometimes observed ourselves to look on the mirror and trying to see if there's something strange marked in our skin and face. Of course you have to get rid of those foreign objects because we thought it's strange and not being considered an art. But it's striking for tattoo hobbyist to let all the marks forming different images in our body because we thought it's an art. We thought the tattooed marks of those artists' arts on their body as something unclean and worth something they seem so proud about.

Many had thought that tattoo seems an idea not considered a dirt but an art. Regardless of the marks ,the essence of its beauty is regarded by many hobbyists as nothing unclean at all. Have we totally examined ourselves that tattoo is basically a concept brought from the majorities' prisoners who had lots of idle days inside their prison cell? This is what the old folks concept when the principle of tattooing are regarded by many. However, this body art was already accepted in the society as an art.

What made me conscious about tattooing is when the marks would be forever registered on your body. For those who had not tried yet, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Will you consider those marks to be forever registered on your body?

2. Do you have apprehension when soon your image preferences would soon fade away and that you might get complication when you desired to wipe the marks away?

3. Do you consider it as an art when your body has to be inked on several times just for the sake of those preferred images?

4. What is better for you when you had been tattooed compared to let your body remained clean and unmarked?

5. Will you not consider those so called art effects as means of body deformation and insensible method of expressing an art?

Those were questions rendered to be for those who planned to get body tattoo. Imagine those who had evil tattoos in their bodies. Basically, most tattoos had engraved images as those mostly came from the dark side or the underworld . Those who had evil tattoos in their body is something I guess an image reflecting who's always behind the hobbyist's true character person. Many tattooed ladies or men had been tempted to show their nude scenes for they thought their nakedness are covered by colorful images or as they assumed the body's art. However, the point is a show of one's nudity believing it's at all considered artistry or an expression of their art. It's an art to show off topless body parts and a means of invitation for others to emulate. It's an art causing others to do what seems unnatural for the natural being to do in the public.

Many had thought that when a nude model showed his entire body in the public to mean what people could truly see are the so called art designs. Such activity is a form of unnatural activity wherein people had set less regard of themselves.

It's an issue whether one who's fond of tattoo truly cared for his body and that he must thrive to protect it how it would be safely seen by others in honor of the standard basis of true modesty and sensibility. Clean body has so much regard as a norm in whatever social culture around the globe which had coined general truth of due respect and dignity. We always found neatness and purity when one's body is bound by the natural texture of entire flesh which was not marred by the glowing, colorful, and attractive designs.

Whether we considered skin painting as an expression of art, designs for painting has to be properly set in canvass or whatever art papers. These are the materials we thought it right suitable for painting. Pointed needles pierced on someone's skin is such a very terrible form of bodily infliction considering the fact that its making process is truly passing through lots of pain and suffering. It' needs for someone to get hurt just to obtain what they seem called body's art.

One has to show regard in view of tattoo as an art or unnatural body deformation. If one has to get amused due to the attractive design then look before you leap. Think it several times and cast the wisest decision which for you forms real art. Will you consider art through natural deformation of art in accordance to the natural way.

We're the true natural masterpiece of our creator covered by the natural flesh of skin which are clean and clear. We're already a by product of his art and when our naturalness as will be designed by the artificiality of distinct mark causing to cover the natural beauty, then such action is a course of deformity or in other words an art of body deformity.

Having mentioned the most explicit consideration between the natural and unnatural form of art, it's intent is to relinquish the most important priority of every hobbyist before they judged the brighter side of tattooing.

There were lots of reasons to reveal the truth why many still upheld the body's art. These following reasons were those considered core objectives of which according to choice people had believed and thought about the positive perspective of tattooing.

1. They thought a people of special significance with special group of identity

2. Special attention and attraction can be easily recognized by the majority when they get attracted by the glowing and colorful images

3. Tattooing was thought to be bringing more authority and power against those who just rely their natural clear skin

4. It's one of the basis how somebody can be accepted in the society. Not only that, greater acceptance in the majority's group are widely spread out when someone had tattoos on their body.

5. It's the popular's choice therefore many had thought it could bring them their objective to gain more popularity in their own society.

6. Tattooing became so popular in the world of business and therefore a means which could create social approval corresponding sufficient gains.

7. Many had thought tattooing is the process of gaining self-confidence and self-worth.

8. It boosts someone else's characters when majority had appreciated the so-called body's art.

Having mentioned all these proofs relative to the majority's view about tattooing, we have to evaluate ourselves what significance you considered tattoo as the most pleasant expression of beauty and art.

Understanding Brighter Side Of Tattoing

Do you believe tattooing is really an expression of art?

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