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Are You A Water hog Or Are You A Water Scrooge?

Updated on September 20, 2014

I admit it I was a Water Hog

When I was younger I loved nothing better than filling the tub with lovely scented oil and Soaking for a hour. For me, it was a type of meditation. If possible to do so in an economical way, I would still be a tub soaker.

But in these days and times I cannot see place the expense. Here is my dream water meditation pool. Because everyone needs to to take time to relax these days.

How do you like to bathe.

Are you a shower or tub person? Steam up the mirrors hot or just kind of lukewarm? Bubbles or Epsom Salts?

Garden of Relaxation

Shower Time

What Is Your Bathing Routine?

It really never occurred to me that not all people take a bath in the same way. I know it is a very thought provoking idea. But seriously, I gather up a towel, clean clothes, and set out my body lotion(at my age, you just need lotion) for after my bath, turn the water on and jump in the shower.

That's that, right?


I like to wet and shampoo my hair first. Then I soap up and rinse off. Shaving any areas that need it while soapy. I have reached the age of reduced hair growth, so I do not have to shave my legs as often. Now, I spend my time plucking chin hairs. Sorry if that is TMI. The hair doesn't stop growing, it just starts growing somewhere else.

I used love soaking a hot bath when I was younger, but I had a light bulb moment and realize how much water that took and the impact it had on my wallet. Now the thought of filling the tub with water just to soak, makes me cringe.

While I like my hot showers, I also want to conserve water. So I take shorter showers.

Love these tubs.

Tips on how to reduce your water usage

Different strokes for different folks

A couple of years ago while at a relative house, My husband's uncle was getting ready to go out somewhere,I forget where, but anyway. He excused himself to go bathe, while we chatted with the cousins and aunt. Being as how I was sitting by the bathroom door, I could hear Uncle rattling around in there. I heard sounds of shaving, then the shower can on for about a minute, then the water was turned off. I'm thinking"Wow! That is the fastest shower time ever." But after a few minutes the water came back on and I could hear it running. After about 3 minutes the water went back off. This was repeated one more time.

Being a nosy person(how else will you ever learn anything), I asked Uncle(my nickname for him), Uncle, "Was something wrong with the water?" "I couldn't help but hear the water going on and off."

Uncle replied,"Nope, that's just the way I shower." "I don't like to waste water, so I turned the water on and get wet then turn the water off while I lather up. Then, I turn the water back on to rinse off the soap."

That was a very enlightening conversation. I learned a lot from Uncle, he was a very well read person, and did most any kind of hobbie or project around the house that needed doing. He even built his own home.

How much water does your tub hold?

style tub
avg. gallons
cast iron

Tub Time

What is your favorite style tub?

See results


Bathing Necessities

What do you do to prepare for your bath?

Do you have a favorite bath oil? Do you like sea sponges or them little plastic shower puffs in a bright color?

I like the soft shower puff myself. And at the moment, I am using some home made soap my daughter made.

It smells great. The current one is scented with lemon and eucalyptus essential oil. It leaves my skin feeling so soft. She used jojoba oil and coconut oil.

If you like long hot soaks in the tub, do you like to use one of those little pillows.

Whatever your choices are, the main thing to remember is that bath time is a great way to relax and de-stress from a long day.


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    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

      I have to admit I'm a bath person. It's a place to reflect and wallow in the warmth and comfort of bubbled water. Thanks for the article.