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Is Thin In? Or Out?

Updated on June 16, 2009
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I was inspired to put together this post when I read Christine Alzaraz's post this morning:Are you Skinny Enough to Fit thru A Lifesaver. I don't think it is so much a question of shifting perceptions within society (society has always liked women to look like women as opposed to stick insects), but perhaps about a loosening of the tyrannical grip that the fashion world has on the concept of 'beauty' and what constitutes 'style' and 'fashion'. So is thin in?

There appears to be a small but perceptible shift of perception in the fashion industry and the ‘heroin chic’ look that has dominated a lot of the catwalks the world over is perhaps on the wane. I read an article a while back that talked about how at the New York Fashion week, models are no longer just a size 0, and are now up to sizes 2 and 4. Still not anywhere near a normal sized woman, but the absence of the near-anorexic look marks what may well be a paradigm shift in the world of modeling.

While there were fewer numbers of jutting collarbones and visible ribs on display there were more curves and smiles to be seen. The fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar opined that this was a healthier ‘look’ and that "We're obviously going through a season of a less cookie cutter look."

The host of a fashion related TV show remarked that she actually “saw some breasts which was great.” A healthier look is ‘in’ so for the people working towards fighting eating disorders that are often rampant in the modeling world this is a small victory.

Headlines that scream “Model Dies from Anorexia” or “Model HeaHdies from Eating Disorder complication” are, sadly, not unusual. This story talked about model Ana Carolina Reston, who weighed just 40 kilograms, or 88 pounds, when she died in São Paolo just a couple of years ago. She died from a generalized infection caused by Anorexia Nervosa.

A similar headline talked about another model, Luisel Ramos of Uruguay, who died of heart failure during a fashion show. She suffered this fate reportedly because of subsisting on only diet drinks and lettuce for weeks on end. Perhaps it takes these kinds of shocking headlines to prompt the sort of action that was eventually taken; to ban models of a body mass index a certain level from fashion shows.

So if recent fashion shows are anything to go by, super thin is not in. As for what men want, I decided to seek actual answers to this question. Here are some of the answers that I found: These are actual answers to actual questions:

Q. Do men mind some extra pounds?

A.”I like big women. Some guys don't. Some little guys can't handle them. I can handle a lot of woman. When we're in bed, the bigger woman gives me bigger loving. That's just me. Big women are sexy. No doubt about it.”

A.” Slice? Ew. Why would I want to slice ANY woman, no matter how big? What matters is how you carry it, how you wear it, and where you wear it.”

A. “I don’t like skinny women”

Q. Men want women to look their best, what does that mean?

A. “When I write that men want you to look great it means simply this: look the very best you can for your size, type, and build. Then carry it with confidence. Ever wonder why men groan when their woman asks, "honey, does this look my butt look fat?" If she is confident, she already knows and doesn't have to ask.”

Q. What size breasts are the right size?

A. “The ladies tend to obsess about this more than guys do. In my opinion, decent-sized breasts would be any of the first four letters in the alphabet: A, B, C or D.”

Q. How critical are guys about women's bodies?

A. “ ……the truth is, I was far more conscious of how it felt emotionally than how "perfect" her body or mine was. The tenderness she gave me outweighed anything else.”

Q. What is really important to you?

A.” A sense of style is important. She should be able to carry herself well in whatever she wears.”

A. “it is all about the energy she exudes”

A. “It’s her smile that makes me go weak kneed”

Res Ipsa Loquitor (remnant from my lawyering Latin, mean, 'thing speaks for itself')

Is Skinny Sexy?

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    • Reena Daruwalla profile imageAUTHOR

      Reena Daruwalla 

      9 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks, and that is just it; that we all should love ourselves, whichever shape size colour we are!

    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 

      9 years ago from Canada

      My parents were pestered by a model recruiter to get me into modelling but that was the time of *Gia* and all the horrors of the modelling industry. I am still sort of a *stick*, lol..but my weight goes up n down so I am not worried. I love me as I am. Good Hub :)


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