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Dangers Of Using Perfume-Is the Scent Causing You Illness-Making You Sick? Read This Story.

Updated on September 1, 2012

The Fragrance I’d Die for! A Romantic Encounter!

Product review Angel by Thierry Mugler

By Dale Ovenstone

We made arrangements & I finally picked her up for our very first date.

I was much excited although quite apprehensive because I was meeting this stranger la femme for the possible chance of a possible romance. & who knows, even for a possible future together!

If it worked it worked, if it didn’t, it didn't! I been down that road many times before.

I have always been easy going with the opposite sex ever since the breakup of my long time marriage.

But things have changed now!

I’m still easy going but I wanted more…..

You see, I hadn’t been on a good old fashioned date for well over two years.

Maybe a fling here & just a little sampling there……

Sure I’d attend Salsa Classes looking for compatibility & even bought some nice weave in the meantime & these smart shirts & trousers were just stacking up without proper use.

I hadn’t had a girlfriend or a lover who I could be serious with & share good times but as the years trickled past I knew I had something sweet to offer the ideal lady & I definitely knew what I wanted in my life so it was 'Dale time now!'

I realize one has to become selfish at times.

Later that evening I found out I had good cause to be excited! She was sexy & absolutely stunning in her sprayed on figure hugging dress & she smelt bleeding gorgeous too.

A real lady!

Her Huge Dark Eyes Instantly Captivated me!

Her huge dark eyes instantly captivated me when they struck her target! I gasped silently. I was taken aback!

Deep inside every limb I felt an uncontrollable surge of animal sexuality judder throughout my whole body. It was instant. I'm glad I'm a man.

Was her look intentional?

Why did she look at me like that?

I don’t know but I’ll never forget the way she impressed me when she glanced at me & for some reason straight away........

I knew her life story.


I knew her pain & her joys, her future & her past.

I knew something was up because the eyes of this beautiful stranger before me told me so.

All this in a lightening flash!

& I knew.........

Deep down, inside the very core of my being........

She was seeking out a real man. A real man to share her time with. To share joy..... happiness & some hard core loving.

I knew I am that guy!

Had she used some sort of technique on me?

But just before my life transforming sensation......

I stood on the doorstep of this strangers house.......

For the very first time.......

Banging apprehensively. But gently.


I waited there sucking deeply the winter air whilst contributing back to nature with ghostly wisps whilst envisioning looking cool.

Sure I was nervous. This was our very first meeting.

But this brazen beauty responded instantly to my knocking & just slid right past me.

She stared briefly without uttering a single word & headed straight for my two seater coupe.

I was excited. I was drawn to her like a magnet but had trouble following her sprightly canter.

I followed like a wanton puppy dog being tempted with a juicy bone!

I focused on her shapely legs! I became a little more excited! The clicking of her heels against the wet concrete created a sexy rhythmatic beat echoing throughout the damp street then I courteously opened the car door & ushered her into the cozy warmth.

I barely knew this Beautiful Stranger!

Sure, I’ve only ever seen just one photograph of this beautiful woman on face book whilst we were flirting for the past few weeks. Other than that I didn’t really know that much about this mysterious lady so our arranging to meet together was a bit of a gamble for the two of us.

I liked the way she played with her words though as we taunted lovingly back & forth on the face book messaging service. It was surely her writing skills on Face Book which captivated & inspired me towards her in the first place.

Was she a player? I knew I was sincere anyway.

She’s such a beautiful lady. So pleasing to the eye! I longed for our first date to be a success & I considered myself the man who could make it all happen.

Later that evening…..

We shared a magical venture in the quiet pub on the outskirts of the city over copious pints of water & her constant flow of Malibu’s laced with lemonade. The mumbo jumbo of the crowd drowned her quiet voice so this gave me the excuse to sit right next to her. No, I did not treat our date as an interrogation, instead, I relaxed, had fun, & had immense pleasure playfully teasing my pretty date.

Yes, I do admit I paid for everything, not something I would usually do, but I was enjoying seeing her enjoying my conversation & teasing & keeping the jargon sprightly & humorous in-between me relieving myself of all that fluid.

It was time to vacate the premises! Her energy projected something much warmer than just friendship when I took her by the hand!

I led her out of the pub & the crisp winters night encouraged us to huddle closer together as I fumbled to get the key into the car door.

Later on I dropped her right outside her home & bid her good night!

I yearned, ever so much, to attempt my deceptive technique of reaching over to give her a peck on the cheek but instead, surprise her with that very first full on kiss.

This is the way I operate & it has never let me down yet.

But I couldn’t!

My car has a rather large centre console in-between us, not the best car for courting & I didn’t even consider this!

I couldn’t just reach over without making it obvious of my intentions & she would know what I was up to.


And double drat……

Anyway, she was silently agreeable & aided in initiating the kiss for the very first time & it was totally mutual between the two of us.


Months & months later.

The sparks of love seduction & flirting are stronger than ever.....

The sweet memories of her perfume still reminds me of our very first kiss on that enchanted evening & even lingers in the back of my mind to this very day!

That smell is hers. That beautiful fragrance, it is her all over, the smell of my very good lady!

Help me out here. Let me know your Thoughts!

Angel, by Thierry Mugler of France which is distributed by Clarins Inc & sold by Nordstrom's Inc has such an enchanting aroma!

The best I’ve ever wafted.

The ultimate sexy smell for the ultimate sexy lady in my life!

So I was a little upset when my woman ran out of the perfume especially as the sweet aroma permeates my home & reminds me of her constantly & this prompted me to search & purchase her a nice refill gift set for Christmas.

Lo & behold I was shocked!

I know Angel is well priced but for the best you have to pay the best & this wasn’t an issue.

The really shocking part was….

I searched online for a better deal & stumbled across information that would upset me somewhat….

Angel by Thierry Mugler contains the scent Coumarin which is a highly poison substance & that this amazing wafting scent be classed as a drug by the NTEF even though Coumarin is found in over 5000 cosmetics, personal care products & detergents it is claimed that the dangerous substance would only make up a very small part of the fragrance formulation!

Now would I be gambling over the health of my lady & those around her if I presented such an extravagant & poisonous choice?

What’s she going to think when she reads this?

Even so, the effects of using Angel are to be considered as causing behavioral problems within a child in the womb.

 Although I & my woman don’t expect to have children some other discovered factors include the health of heart patients are at risk from the fragrance because the perfume contains the same ingredients found in pesticides & chemicals stating these can affect eyes, skin & nervous system, reproductive system, nasal irritation, lethargy, narcosis & anemia whilst also affecting the reproductive system in males!

Wow, that’s a lot for a simple guy who wants to spoil his lady to take in!


It smells so bleeding great though!

I love my lady so what do I do? Please let me know your thoughts.


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 7 years ago from Wales UK

      Hi Stricktlydating.

      I have just gave this gift to my loved one on Christmas day, she was so please as was I, plus she read my article so she knows about the ingredients, but what a great smell it brought back memories of when I met her, so it always will.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Regards Dale

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 7 years ago from Australia

      Wow! I wonder how many other designer brand Perfume's contain this poison. And maybe it's okay in tiny amounts, but what about the women who spray on plenty of it every day (And their partner and Children that breath it in), it certainly makes you think twice. There are certain Perfume's which cause me a headache almost instantly. Red Door is one of them. I don't need to be wearing it, just spending time with someone who's wearing it will do it. Same goes with Aeorsol Air Fresheners.

      I think it's a personal choice whether you want to buy it for your lady again or not. If she likes it, and you like it (And she has had no reaction to it previously) it's probably not a problem, at least just for special occassions.

    • angela kekahu profile image

      angela kekahu 7 years ago

      hahaha. Well I am sure you wont mind if I never try that. My my aren't you a man of many talents. I am following you as to grab all the knowledge you spill. Filling up my cup you know. I have just too many kids to be doing a lot of research right now. I am thankful you do such a great job on all your hubs and they are always useful. Aloha, Angela

    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 7 years ago from Wales UK

      Thanks for your comment Angela.

      Talking about hippies, I have just re-discovered a very powerful aroma force from way back when I was a teenager, & recently found out it is still available so I constantly wear it in my hair & on my clothes as it brings back memories of growing up.

      I always am asked what the smell is, some like it, some don't, but as I am attending a barbering course I mix drops of this oil with peppermint oil & clove oil & rub into my hair where it lasts for ages.

      The mentioned oil aroma is Patchouli oil & it's a force to be reckoned with.

      Regardsa Dale

    • angela kekahu profile image

      angela kekahu 7 years ago

      Wow now I know why the "Hippies" here won't use perfume or deodorant.Lol. I would just ask someone for a fragrance that is similar and the lady at Macy's or wherever you go should be able to give you some samples to let your woman try. Thank you for this it was very useful. I would have never known.