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It May Smell Gross, but Washes Hair-dye Right Off Your Skin

Updated on September 5, 2014
Blue hair dye on skin
Blue hair dye on skin

Cigarette Ash Works!

Even though I'm sure you've heard the many ways to wash hair dye off skin, nothing works as fast and efficiently as cigarette ash. Gross, right? But here is how-to that will work every time.

1. Chase Down Some Cigarette Ash

You will only need a little ash, a tablespoon at most. For you smokers out there, this will be easy. For the non-smokers, ask any neighbours or friends that may smoke for the ash from their cigarette tray.

Cigarette Ash
Cigarette Ash

2. Just a Spoonful of Water

Add a teaspoon of warm water into the container where you placed the cigarette ash. Give it a swirl, stir with the end of your make-up brush (as I have) and you're ready to watch the hair dye run off your skin.

Cigarette Ash Mixed With Water
Cigarette Ash Mixed With Water

3. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub Some More

Place a concentrated amount of the cigarette ash sloop into the palm of your hand. Whether the stains are on your arms, hands, forehead, or ears; scrub the mixture into your skin. Give it a good thirty second rub. Don't worry about the smell; it washes away with everything else.

Now take a look. Notice how no colour is left on your skin. Now all you need to do is add some soap and take in the sweet scent of magnolias.

For a hands on, action-packed visual, watch my video below. Proof that no matter how stagnant the smell of cigarette ash, the formula washes hair dye of your skin in a flash.


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