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It's great to be a woman!

Updated on January 11, 2013

I just adore lipstick! The way a certain lipstick just glides across your lips with such ease. It makes you feel so exhilarating! It makes us girls feel wanted and respected by all. To be a girl is so much fun there are so many possibilities and different outcomes to your style. It’s never boring for a girl. We just “Wanna have fun” right! An ordinary girl could look drab, but add a little luscious red lipstick and the guys will jump all over you. One tiny piece of help like lipstick can change a girl’s entire view of herself. The way makeup makes me feel has so many different emotions, it’s endless. Women in general don’t feel great about themselves, but makeup is our one great pleasure of turning the day around with just one shade of lipstick. Not only one brand, there’s so many to choose from.

Different brands of foundation also tend to be too chalky or runny so the journey of finding a great piece of makeup has become a job in itself. So when us girl’s find that perfect shade and look, we feel like we conquered the world. Women like the simple things in life. Take away her makeup and what does she have left. Nothing at all really if you think about it! (In extreme cases of course!) On the other hand some woman can do without makeup. A handful of women put on makeup like they were in the circus. To cover up maybe a bad flaw, but C’mon, there are professional ways to do it! Some woman should just take a class to put on makeup when it should just come naturally for you. It shows that you are trying too hard to look good. Makeup to a girl is so second nature it’s like eating or drinking.

So if you never learned how to put on makeup you seriously have some problems GIRL! That’s why it’s detrimental for women to help each other out. You can learn an infinite amount of techniques every single day from a stranger, coworker, or even your sister, all in the woman’s bathroom. So to end this little rant about lipstick, if there would be an end to makeup itself, you would definitely piss off a lot of women.

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