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Ivory Wedge Shoes

Updated on March 21, 2011

Wedge Shoes for any Occasion

Ivory wedge shoes are becoming a very popular summer time shoe for formal affairs or informal. Wedge shoes used to be a very popular form of footwear many years ago and are again making a strong statement in today's modern fashion world.

Ivory wedges as they are sometimes called can look good no mater what your outfit is or wear you are going. They have enough of a formal look that they can be worn at summer time weddings and can be informal enough to even wear out at a night time movie.

But what is a wedge ivory shoe anyways. A wedge shoe is a raise all over shoe and does not have a heel like other dress shoes. The back of a wedge is normally a strap. The ivory part of the shoe is the color, which is off white.

Why Wear Ivory Wedge Shoes

If you like the idea of wearing high heel shoes for some extra height, but what another dress shoe option, a wedge shoe is a good idea. With a wedge shoe the entire sole will be higher giving the height that you want while not inclining the heel as much. This makes for a more comfortable shoe for most woman than say a stiletto heeled shoe,

Below I have listed some of the most common benefits of ivory wedge shoes.

  • wedge shoes support the feet better, meaning they can be worn for many hours without becoming uncomfortable
  • the foot rests more evenly thought the entire shoe, than a heel where body weight is mostly against the heel
  • easier on the calf muscles than heeled shoes
  • wedge shoes are normally opened toed meaning they are breathable

So no matter the occasion formal or not, ivory wedge shoes can look good while also providing a more comfortable footwear. You nice selection of shoes you can shop online at or eBay.

ivory wedge shoes
ivory wedge shoes


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