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Styling The Ivy League Hairstyles To Fit Your Individual Style

Updated on September 17, 2011
Matt Damon hairstyle.
Matt Damon hairstyle.

What Is An Ivy League Hairstyle?

Ivy League hairstyles are a classic when it comes to men's styles. In the past, a lot of people have tried this style, and even now it remains one of the most common styles that men prefer. It is still preferred by a lot of guys because of the fact that is perfect for day to day style and even for special occasions. It has a clean look that will enhance the facial features. Let us learn more about this type of cut for men.

This popular style is done by making sure that the strands on the side of the head are shorter than those at the top of the head. And this is not just an estimate--barbers really have a standard measurement for this. The length of the strands at the side of the head as well as the back should only be at least 0.25 inches and no more than half an inch in length. At the top, it should be longer--around one and a half inches to around two inches in length.

Ivy League Cut For Thinning Hair

There are many ways to style this cut and this is especially suited for those with thin hair. Those who are experiencing continuous thinning can also benefit from this haircut because it adds obscures patchy areas on the head especially at the top. Those who have thinning hair must always be careful when styling it with products because it might aggravate the condition of the strands.

Anderson Cooper hairstyle.
Anderson Cooper hairstyle.

Different Names Of Ivy League Haircut

There are many names for this popular style, and some people refer to it as the Cambridge cut. Others call it the Harvard cut and some prefer the College cut. No matter what name you prefer to call it, it still has the same style. The strands at the top of the hair are inarguably the longest. It looks as if the strands conform to the shape of the sides of the head and taper off beautifully when it reaches the top.

Best For Youth

This type of hair style is best for the youth, especially when attending school in a university. It looks good with the strict dress codes that students usually wear. But it does not only give the impression of seriousness, it can be fun and youthful too when it is styled using the right techniques. Even adults and older adults can still look good with this cut because it is very versatile.

How To Style

Styling this cut is so simple. All you need to have is a small amount of your favorite styling product. Be reminded that these styling products must be chosen depending on the type of style that you want to achieve.

For instance, those who want glossy and shiny looks must go for gels, pomades, and others that guarantee shiny locks. For those who prefer the bed head and matte, messy styles, you may opt for wax, clay, and hair spray.

Let Barber Do

If you want this type of hairstyle for men, it would not be hard to find a barber who can give it to you. Ivy League hairstyles are really very popular that you probably will not find a barber who cannot give this type of style to you.


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