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J Lo 2005 Collection, Robin Gihvan article: Response Analysis

Updated on January 18, 2015

It is clear that Gihvan was not impressed with J Lo’s collection and runway event, with reason to be. She explains that there was a lot of commotion happening on the runway and its surroundings but “it is unclear whether fashion was one of them”. First of all, the collection is the J Lo Collection which shows narcissism and presents the feeling that if you were wearing these clothes you would be an extension of J Lo. Gihvan states that “she might have set a new standard for branding in the fashion industry”. There are so many components, again the collection being her nickname, the fashion show being the subject of an MTV show, the clothes reflecting the stages of her life, and gift bags stuffed with her fragrance and new CD. Lopez’s clothing line and its components have made it impossible for you to ignore it.

“Is that fashion? Or just an elaborate fan club come-on in an era when admirers demand more than just an autographed picture and a T-shirt, and stars willingly oblige?” said Gihvan. The clothing line turns Lopez into a product, a commodity, less of a person. This is to me is the definition of selling out, yes her story of coming up from the Bronx is cool but why do you want to drag it out and commercialize it to such an extent? I am sure Lopez already had enough money before this endeavor but yet she “obliged” to making a line of look-alike, more cheaply made, without the bling, clothes from her closet and looks from her past essentially, blindly, making her fans robotic mini and mock J Lo’s.

I am not sure if the whole notion of “don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Jenny from the block” can be held true with this money driven production and huge focus on herself and name. Gihvan describes that a teenage girl or young woman could be captivated by the sexy style of ruffled mini-skirts and skin-tight jeans “but the essence of fashion—good fashion, at least—is that it looks forward”. Fashion collections are supposed to be new and improved, not encapsulating a look from five or however many so years ago. Lopez’s fashion line does not look forward but backward at the stages of her life as well as being directed to younger people than herself.

“Celebrity is a kind of embalmment. And celebrity designers operate on the principle that consumers will want to purchase knockoffs of their past glories,” said Gihvan. Basically J Lo’s collection and others alike know that many of their fans want to imitate them and what better way than J Lo’s collection representing all styles and looks from her past and present life.


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