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Jaeger LeCoultre Haute Joaillerie Ladies Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

High Jewellery

Jaeger LeCoultre Haute Joaillerie collection offers ladies jewellery watches that reaffirm the brand's class and emphasis on effortlessness of design. The watches' extremely undersized cases appear to challenge watchmaking precepts, which become subjected to the design logic.

In one of the models the case is so small as to be equal in size to the diamonds around it. In others, the diamonds surround the moving components, as if goading them towards the center of attention.

Joaillerie Rivière 101

Riviere 101 is essentially a white gold bracelet with a triplex center-piece: two large diamonds and a small watch between them (right in the center). The bracelets can be set with additional diamonds (or practically paved with them) to produce even more luxurious variations.

Jaeger LeCoultre equipped the Riviere 101 with the smallest mechanical movement ever produced, catching the attention of Queen Elizabeth II herself, who apparently wore this watch on her coronation day. The model became the company's ticket inside the pantheon of brands (such as Vacheron Constantin) worn by royalty.

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101 Etrier

101 Etrier is very similar to Rivier 101, albeit it's been turned by ninety degrees, and outfitted with big lugs to create a horizontal jewelry timepiece. 101 Etrier case is made of white gold, and comes with a satin strap instead of the bracelet. Similarly to Riviere 101, the case can be paved with diamonds. Jaeger LeCoultre say that the watch was inspired by 1930s design: I think it manifests modernist aesthetics (perhaps Bauhaus) in the accentuated and dominating rectangular shapes.

Master Twinkling Diamonds

JLC Master Twinkling Diamonds collection once again restates the brand's playful and spontaneous character. A ring of diamonds set on the dial rotates around the clock (literally), making the diamonds sparkle and twinkle, and producing a kind of a fire hoop around the watch's hands and face. A long undulating line unfolding around the numerals creates a mesmerizing Art Deco motif – marking the watch as an independent decorative art item.


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