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Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Duetto Jewellery Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Reverso Duetto: Precious Space, Precious Stones

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Jewellery (Joaillerie in French) collection consists of Reverso Duetto and Reverso Ladies lines – all set with dozens of diamonds. To eschew visual clutter and give the stones a space to shine, JLC encrust the diamonds where the linear pattern used to be, on the upper and lower limits of the case. This is the only place where diamonds appear, which strangely enough generates a sense of extra-preciousness. When the watchmaker treats space as precious, adding precious stones to it makes it even more so: it makes sense.

Duetto and Duo

Reverso Duetto watches feature a second dial on the back of the case, thus lending the collection its name. The additional dial constitutes a full-fledged watch that moves in an opposite direction, a specification supplied by the mechanical hand-winding movement. Jaeger LeCoultre stress the fact that both dials are powered by a single movement – so in fact there's a retrograde complication built in inside.

Ladies Jewellery

Reverso Joaillerie Ladies features a single dial and lets the design and materials speak for themselves. It's a rare line of Reverso wrist watches that blocks the view to the inner caliber workings and displays a smooth metallic surface on the back.

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Reverso Joaillerie back dials display an entirely different aesthetic. The numerals are more undulating and elaborate, can be golden, and there are usually fewer of them. Different hands show time -- “Dauphines” instead of “Florales.”

The faces incorporate a single large geometrical motif – a repetition of the outer rectangle, or a circle – which can be enamelled or embossed. The outer edges may accommodate a linear or sunburst ornament. In short, Reverso Jewellery watches are simply an unusually luxurious two-in-one deal.


Jaeger LeCoultre craft their own bracelets, and Reverso Jewellery feature several of the company's most exquisite creations in that field. All bracelets rely on a single building block – a brick, angular or round-edged – arranged in such tight formations as to produce an ornament of a miniature brick wall.

While the design isn't new, Jaeger LeCoultre adapt it to their own stylistic conception by making the bricks thick and protruding (essentially adding more metal), and introducing an element of three dimensionality. The resultant depth accords nicely with the depth of the reversal mechanism (discussed in Reverso Classique).


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