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Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Reverso Squadra, "Battle Ready"

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Squadra collection features the square instead of the more conventional rectangle. Interestingly, a more perfect symmetry produces the aesthetic affect of masculinization – the watches look bulkier and slightly more aggressive, “battle ready.” It's even more interesting to observe how Jaeger LeCoultre solve this effect in the Squadra Ladies line, which comprises a considerable chunk of the collection.


JLC Reverso Squadra is the only Reverso collection that contain such “heavyweight” complications as chronograph, GMT indicator, and dual time (on a single dial). Similarly to other Reverso lines, separate Squadra watches utilize the back for an additional dial and complication; it's a wide-range collection that incorporates elements from both Reverso Jewellery and Reverso Complication.

Chronograph function lends the watches some sporty characteristics, which blend well with the general sport-oriented symmetrical look. This is not a sports watch – it's too stylish and elegant for that – but it can function like one, especially considering the titanium (case) and the rubber(strap) materials employed for some of these timers.

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Reverso Squadra watches differ significantly in dial configurations. Some timepieces display a black front dial, emphasizing the masculine design. The space provided by the square form is more densely occupied, accommodating chronograph function subdials. Jaeger LeCoultre balance extra functionality indicators with an underlying cross ornament, but the busy effect (as opposed to the lightness of Reverso Classique, for instance) remains – and declares the collection's stress on function.

A particularly ingenious and bold solution consists of placing the date aperture at twelve o'clock. The watchmaker saves space by placing this indispensable complication at the most unexpected place; it's fascinating that legibility appears to consequently improve, all the while we expect an opposite result.


Reverso Squadra Ladies watches include diamonds, and encase automatic movements and dual time (duetto) complications. Separate models unify several of these components by a somewhat defiantly playful dial design.

Squadra Lady Duetto features a circle based face with oversized Art Deco Arabic (“floral”) numerals prancing on the rim; date and day/night indicators were incorporated within existing elements to save space. A characteristic black back dial shows the second time zone.


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