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James Avery Bracelet Sterling Silver, Gold, Gemstone, Charm Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

James Avery Bracelets

James Avery bracelets introduce a quality that hasn't had the chance to shine to its fullest in the charms – mostly playful and whimsical – or the rings – often ornamental and symbolical: elegance and effortless sense of fashion. Already the architecture of many of the bracelets, made of chain links that create lacy pieces of jewelry, gives a taste of the filigree that would come characterize this division of the brand's selection.

James Avery offer several varieties of bracelets, including bangle, cuff multi-link (chain), hook-on, and charm, made of sterling silver or 14K gold; only a few models incorporate pearls or colored stones. Company principles of simplicity and universality contribute to an overall spontaneous, not overly elaborate, yet at the same time expressive designs – let's take a closer look:

James AVery Silver Cuff Bracelet
James AVery Silver Cuff Bracelet


  • Bangle bracelets present a wide band (reminiscent of some rings) of precious metal, usually engraved with a biblical, motivational, or inspirational quote; several pieces opt for classic botanical or figurative (bar-relief) like ornaments. A surprising in its simplicity jewelry.

  • Cuff bracelets step into more adventurous designer territory, featuring complex shapes, larger botanical motifs, often comprising most of the item, linear, labyrinthine filigree that makes clever use of the space between the silver wires, and so on. Geometrical forms, fluid and soft, lend this jewelry a unique understated flair.

  • Charm bracelets rely on the classic link chain for the base: each link can effectively act as a connector between the chain and a charm attachment – a heart, a flower bloom, or, in fact, any of the hundreds of silver and gold charms that James Avery offer. As often happens (see Tiffany and Silpada), resulting flexibility injects the jewelry with a spirit of fun and artistic freedom.

  • Multi-Link bracelets form, in our opinion, the most elegant segment in this department: naturally, effortlessly charming links that seem to present “graduated” version of the charm bracelets. Toggle, leaf, and lobster claw closing links; pearls, identity plaques, and a range of rhythmic, almost dance-like metal work.

  • Hook-On bracelets constitute a small part of the assortment, notable mostly for its unusual closing mechanism – a rather loose hooking method that attaches effectively, yet allows to remove the jewelry quickly and without complications.


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