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James Avery Pendants, Necklaces Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

Pendants and Necklaces

James Avery pendants and necklaces combined offer about two hundred jewelry pieces created in line with the brand designer principles. Fans will immediately note that the pendants resemble a lot of the charms, but present a more mature aesthetic, oriented towards customers who have grown past their teens – necklaces, on the other hand, remind of several bracelet patterns, and often appear quite similar to particular chain and link designs. Indeed, quite a few of the pendants and necklaces form sets when added a ring or a pair of earrings.

Themes include the ever popular hearts, performed in curved, soft contours (sterling silver in particular lends this category a timeless imprint), crosses and religious motifs (we dedicate a special review to this James Avery segment), nature inspire, including botanical, flower blooms and various leaf shapes, and more.

James Avery Silver Necklace
James Avery Silver Necklace

Classic jewelry shapes – large stone set in a nest of precious metal comprise an important pendant section.


Pendants comprise a somewhat elusive, mysterious category in James Avery jewelry. Each piece can act as a charm – but is usually too large and too expressive to play a second fiddle to a charm bracelet – and several others repeat existing ring and earrings designs: Remembrance rings, for instance.

Eventually, pendants becomes a flexible and chameleon-like section that can adapt to various settings and dress styles – a quality many experienced fashion enthusiasts will appreciate. Sterling silver, gold, amethyst, alexandrite, peridot, tourmaline, sapphires, and other stones.


Necklaces form a relatively small jewelry department, based mostly on long chains, occasionally decorated with small pendants. Besides above mentioned precious metals, leather (Cartier employ it in their manufacture as well) and pearls complement the material inventory, adding interesting shapes, colors and texture to the selection.

Separate models incorporate beads, pearls (droplets), and Christian symbols; closing links include lobster claw and toggle (bar or spiral). Identity signets, and various words once again refer to the bracelets and the charms.


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