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James Avery Sterling Silver Gold Charms Jewelry Review

Updated on January 10, 2015

James Avery Charms

Charms constitute James Avery largest jewelry department, in a way reflecting by size the idea of universality and simplicity that brand designers advocate. The charms segment includes over five hundred items, categorized according to such themes as camp (the largest division consisting of several sub-categories), letters and numbers, and teens pieces. The majority of this jewelry comes in either gold or sterling silver, some items being restricted to the latter precious metal.

In terms of design, the charms display the most versatile, playful, and informal spirit of all James Avery selection: the presence of children's themes gives the pieces a fresh spirit of innocence that evolves into maturity in the rings and the bracelets.

James Avery Silver Charm
James Avery Silver Charm

Let's take a closer look:

  • Camp charms comprise Waldemar, Mystic and Kickapoo items, all featuring various references to the camps and related activities. Most display a round or hut shape, on which a small scene unfolds – a girl jumping, playing, and generally having fun. Figurative and expressive, these charms also refer to various animals and symbols that matter in the camp community. Sterling silver, usually cost below $50.

  • Teen charms recreate a range familiar themes: growing up, first love, religious symbols, pets, outdoors activities and sports, and more. Importantly, this is a more intimate category, clearly more family oriented than the slightly tomboyish Camp. Representation of hobbies assumes a particular significance: a ballerina referring to dancing, a microphone to singing, a palette to painting, a guitar to playing music, and so on. James Avery clearly aim to encourage the artist in their customers. Sterling silver and gold, with the occasional gemstone.

  • Letters and Number are their own symbols – these charms, especially as meaningful gifts, can have the most powerful impact when given to someone who knows the reasons involved. We prefer the two-digit (Ivy League) variations: one number offsets the other, creating a nice visual balance. The brand offers single digit and single letter pieces as well, made from sterling silver and gold.

  • Religious charms usually exhibit Christian attributes – crosses, angels, blessings, miniature bibles, even nativity scenes – but occasionally revive some more ancient, or generally mystical, spiritual insignia: a trefoil, an eye, star of David (Jewish), and a few Milagro objects. Standard sterling silver and gold.


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