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James Avery Sterling Silver, Gold Ring Jewelry Review: Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Sapphire, Pearls,

Updated on January 10, 2015

James Avery Rings

James Avery rings show exactly how brand designers use “different cultures and their art” – drawing from various Mediterranean traditions, reviving Spanish, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew patterns, offered in fresh, contemporary interpretation. The rings display strong linear motifs, featuring coils, braids, and bands; more elaborate models present complex botanical ornaments, also orientally flavored.

Ring truly benefit from the company's close relationship with gemstones. Almost half of the selection, either 14K gold or sterling silver, carry a precious or semi-precious stone: laboratory emeralds and rubies (deep, saturated colors), red tourmalines and garnets, blue sapphires and topaz, black onyx, white pearls, the occasional diamond, and other materials compliment the steady glow of the precious metals with iridescent reflections.

James Avery Sterling Silver Ring
James Avery Sterling Silver Ring

Let's take a closer look:

  • Lace rings, followed closely by Adoree models, seem to weave a passionate dance around the finger, replicating rich, sultry ornaments arriving from the orient – symmetrical, botanical and geometric themes. A stone at the center of each piece – amethyst, sapphire, topaz, citrine – gives the ring a more focused character, a warmer or a cooler one, depending on the color of the stone.

  • Julietta rings dispense with the entwining ornament and opt for an emphatically simplified, modest design – a northern, almost puritan alternative to the luscious scroll-work of the south. Interestingly, Julietta pieces carry a similar range of stones, as if to encourage the customers to choose from the two opposites – and perhaps take a risk.

  • Remembrance rings present a delicate, subtle variation of Julietta – a cylindric rather than flat hoop, quite thin, with a single small stone (aquamarine, garnet, zircon, and others) blinking from its spherical sterling silver or 14K gold nest. The overall layout resembles classic engagement ring design (Julietta resembles broader wedding bands).

  • Religious rings exhibit familiar Christian symbols: crosses (crosslets), stars of David, old and new testament citations engraved in English and Hebrew, and more. Usually widely built, these jewelry pieces often demonstrate the sign on a dedicated, elevated surface, or, if the cross forms a separate sculpted object, set it up it at the center of the band.


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