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The Haute couture Designer Jean Paul Gaultier .

Updated on August 25, 2014

Born on the twenty-fourth of April, nineteen fifty-two, Jean Paul Gaultier is an haute couture French designer of fashion and was the Hermes creative director from '03 to '10.

In addition, he was also the host of Eurotrash, which was a television series.

Having never received Design Training that was formal, Gaultier began to send one sketch after another to couture stylists who were famous at a young age.

One designer who thought his talent was impressive was PierreCardin, who ended up hiring him as an assistant in nineteen seventy. He later worked with JacquesEsterel and JeanPatou, eventually going back to manage a Manila boutique for Pierre Cardin in '74.

His first collection as an individual was featured in nineteen seventy-six, which his typical irreverence in style already apparent. He is known as quite the enfant terrible of fashion in France.

Many of his designs are based on what people wear on the street, with a focus on pop culture. In contrast, his collections of Haute Couture are quite formal yet playful and unusual as well.

Many were shocked by the use of models that were unconventional for his shows. This included women with full figures, men who were older, models that were tattooed heavily and pierced and also by the play of traditional roles of gender in his shows. This resulted in both enormous popularity and criticism.

During the end of the eighties, Gaultier suffered from losses that were personal, including the loss of his business partner and lover Francis Meuge, whose death was caused of AIDS-related complications.

More than just a few motion pictures were designed by Gaultier, including TheCityoftheLostChildren by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, TheCookTheThiefHisWifeandHerLover by Peter Greenaway, Kika by Pedro Almodovar and TheFifthElement, by Luc Besson.

In the year nineteen eighty-eight, he released a dancing single entitled 'How To Do That' on FontanaRecords from which came the first ever remix single title albums on Mercury Records called AowTouDouZat.

This included mixed tunes by Mantronik, Carl Atkins, Tim Atkins, David Dorrell, Latin Rascals, Mark Saunders, George Shilling, JJ Jeczalik and Norman Cook. Collaboration with Yvette Hornder, a player of accordions, was also included.

Many of the clothing worn by Marilyn Manson, the rocker, were designed by Gaultier, including the ones for the album Golden Age of Grotesque. A lot of attention was also gained by his designs for Mylene Farmer's costumes.

Jean Paul Gaultier also became well-known for his Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York exhibit, called Bravehearts-Men in Skirts.


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