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Jewellery for Indian Brides: The Rajasthani Style

Updated on May 17, 2011

The modern Indian woman might prefer more contemporary lighter jewellery pieces in general, when it comes to selecting bridal jewellery everyone keeps it orthodox, traditional and elaborate. The present day scenario has much given way to infusion of styles and designs that are customized to render bridal jewellery as a unique mélange of traditional and contemporary styles. So giving into the influence it has been possible for jewelry designers to divert ways and make the best use of different Indian traditions to create a potent style absolutely different from the rest.


Bridal jewellery irrespective of regional customs and traditions are usually heavily made ostentatious articles of varying types. Necklaces, bangles, headgears, waistbands, armbands, earrings are the common ones worn by Indian brides. For the more meticulous ones wedding jewellery include a lot of minute detailing like taking references from influential source and incorporating the best of other communal practices.  It can be stated here that the Rajasthani Meenakari, Kundan and Thewa works has left hallmarks amongst the variety of Indian traditional bridal jewellery worn by generations of Indian brides on their special day.


The Rajasthani trend:


Rajasthan is a place vibrant in cultural manifestations. The fashion of the people has been preserved from the modern influence of time as many of them are seen wearing traditional jewellery like kandora, paijeb, kada, bichuae, bajubandhs, and bangles. This reserve shows the true nature of Indian customs and inspires many to recapture the past glory. Drawing considerable influence from this part of India, jewelry makers have infested the rajasthani styles in providing bridal jewellery unparallel in its beauty and ethnicity.


Indian Jewellery Trends From the Desert Heartland


Rajasthan is best known for its Meenakari, Kundan and Thewa works.

  • Meenakari involves the use of different coloured enamels that are used in the engravings of the elaborate jewellery pieces. Commonly the Meenakari work in done on the precious metals as gold and silver.
  • Kundan works are done with pure gold which are popularly embedded with precious gemstones. These are heavy ornate articles that have become popular all around India.
  • On the other hand Thewa work includes the application of gold on glittering glass materials.

All these Rajasthani jewellery had their influence from the Persian tradition which was later modified and distinguished as integral of Moghul culture. It is interesting to note that al traditional ornaments of the desert are vibrant and colourful reflecting the desire to infuse colour into dress and ornaments to brighten up the otherwise the arid landscape.


Typical Jewellery for the Bride:


Marriages are solemn yet joyous occasions marked by ostentatious rituals and symbolisms. Traditional Indian bridal jewellery of Rajasthan too reflects that heritage.  While beenti (rings) and kada (bangles) are common for all, the brides wear a typical bracelet called the haathphool. The designs have a couple of chains attached to the beenti and the bangles. They spread over the hand of the bride as a beauteous ornament. Even paijeb (anklet) and pungpan (similar to haathphool meant for the feet) are worn on the auspicious occasion of marriage.


Another intricate bridal jewellery is the kandora which is a waist band with bells. Todhe (anklets with bells) and anguda (finger rings for toe) also signifies one to be married. These ornaments have intrigued women belonging to every community to mix and match the styles into making their preferred bridal jewellery. 


If one will make probes then it will seem a common fact that the bridal jewellery has undergone a huge transformation of what it used to be and what it has evolved into. Uniqueness is more like the call for the trend in bridal jewellery, each to her taste and so it has become. Now jewellery is made with a conscious endeavour to depict the character of the individual wearing it. Experiments are no longer feared when it comes to amalgamating the best of every culture. In reality it is this way that exquisite designs are crafted to preserve the ancient crafts alive.


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