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Choosing a Jewelry Display, Necklace Tree, Earring Holder or Bracelet Stand

Updated on July 2, 2014
Find out how the right jewelry display stand can make choosing a necklace easy and provide safe and decorative storage for all your favorite pieces!
Find out how the right jewelry display stand can make choosing a necklace easy and provide safe and decorative storage for all your favorite pieces! | Source

Find out what is available in a wide range of jewelry display stands. Showcase your necklace, earring, ring and bracelet items safely and prettily and make them a feature on your dresser with these pretty and practical stands.

Why Choose A Jewelry Display Stand?

A decorative Jewelry display stand such as a necklace tree or bracelet stand is a functional and beautiful item to own.

Anyone who has decorative chain bracelets or pendants on chains, knows how difficult it is to untangle them once they become tangled. This can cause damage to the jewelry, as well as make it unusable. One way to prevent this from occurring is to use a stand created for hanging them on.

This is just one of the many Mannequin Jewelry stands available from Amazon. Use the Mannequin Stand link (above left) to visit the page and browse the range)
This is just one of the many Mannequin Jewelry stands available from Amazon. Use the Mannequin Stand link (above left) to visit the page and browse the range) | Source

Mannequin Jewelry Stands

A stand created as a female figure, often called a Mannequin Stand, adds a feminine or romantic touch to any dresser or vanity it is placed on. The female figure type of jewelry display stand is often dressed in long flowing gowns made in many different styles and colors. Where the head and arms are supposed to be located are wires loops for hanging your favorite pieces on. Draping this figure with chains of gold and silver will enhance the overall appearance of the product.

Your favorite necklaces that are embellished with gemstones will also add extra sparkle making the piece a very desirable item to have in a bedroom. Even the wooden type of jewelry display stand with arms protruding will add a decorative touch to any space when glimmering jewelry is placed on it.

There are some stands created for use with specific pieces. A product designed just to hold rings can be shaped like a hand. A hand jewelry display stand is available as a wood item, as a sculptural piece in metal or ceramic, or as covered in rich velvet.

Jewelry Tree with Nest
Jewelry Tree with Nest

This pretty jewelry tree is great for hanging necklaces and bracelets. The little 'nest' also makes a safe storage place for rings and earrings.


Jewelry Trees

Another interesting shape for a display stand is the jewelry tree created to look like an actual tree. These trees are created in a variety of designs and can range from very natural and graceful looking trees, to stylized representations in wood, metal or plastic.

If you would like to get an idea of the huge range available, the link above will take you to the Amazon search results page where you will be able to browse through hundreds of different choices. You are sure to find one that fits with your décor and your budget!

Make Your Own For Less Than $10!

An Easy Way To Make an Earring Holder

Earring Holders - Never Be Left With An Orphan Earring Again!

Earring holders are a great way of keeping your earrings safe. They also have the advantage that you can see all your earrings together which helps in choosing the right pair for the occasion and outfit you are wearing.

Dangly earrings are kept neatly together on my display stand!
Dangly earrings are kept neatly together on my display stand! | Source

An earring holder also has a great advantage in that it will actually keep your earrings in pairs – no more hunting in the bottom of the drawer or jewelry box to find the missing one!

Earrings, particularly the 'dangly' sort, get tangled up in a drawer and can easily become damaged.

Hanging them on an earring holder or jewelry tree is really the only way to store them properly.

It will not only save you time, but also money - as your favorite pieces will remain safe and undamaged stored in this way.

This pretty earring stand will display up to 72 pairs of earrings in the four tier rotating bird cage - it also has five hooks on the main arm to hang necklaces and bracelets (see product link below)
This pretty earring stand will display up to 72 pairs of earrings in the four tier rotating bird cage - it also has five hooks on the main arm to hang necklaces and bracelets (see product link below) | Source

Displaying Your Stud Earrings

Tree styled holders are possibly the most popular and do look very pretty on a dressing table. These trees can be made of wood, metal, plastic or glass and are a very attractive feature.

Some of the metal ones have leaves with holes for the earring posts that help you fix your earrings in place and these are particularly useful for stud earrings as it is an excellent way of ensuring that the butterfly fasteners from the backs of the earrings do not get lost.

If you would like an elegant display for your earrings, a show display stand might be the perfect way to display your best pieces.

Other styles available are harps, mannequins or the sort that look like a freestanding picture frame with mesh or horizontal bars to hold the earrings.

The earring stand pictured right is a very pretty choice, styled as a bird cage. It is available from Amazon and suitable for either stud or drop earrings.

It is available at a great price too - check out full details on the product page by using the link provided.

Choosing A Necklace Tree

A necklace tree is the perfect way to store your collection of jewelry. These pretty accessories also make perfect gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day and Christmas too. For many women, jewelry is something they are eager to collect, but then it is difficult to find a way of storing it effectively. A necklace tree provides somewhere to keep it safe, but easy to find and a way of having your prettiest items on view instead of being shut away in a drawer.

Necklace trees can come in many variations, from ones that actually look like little trees, to basic ones with a few hooks. There is always one to fit the owner's specific style and jewelry collection. The trees shaped like trees allow you to store necklaces by hanging them off the "branches". A simpler necklace tree may be wooden or metal and look similar to a coat rack, where you hang the necklaces from the top. For a more artsy look, there are individually designed, unique necklace trees that have swirls or other miscellaneous designs and patterns.

Choosing the Right Jewelry Display Stand

No matter which kind of tree you purchase, or where you get it from, it is important to make sure it accommodates your needs.

  • If you only have a few necklaces, and know your jewelry collection will not vary by much, it may be wise to consider a fairly small tree that is simple.
  • If style and spunk are important, you should shop around for the tree that fits your fashion sense. Those may be pricier, but are well worth the cost for a "Fashionista".
  • Those whose main concern is finding a place for their overloaded collection should certainly make sure to find a tree that is large enough and has enough places to hang necklaces.

It is also beneficial to search for necklace trees that are easy to move, and fit nicely on a surface.

2-Tier Black Velvet T-Bar Bracelet Watch/Jewelry Stand Display
2-Tier Black Velvet T-Bar Bracelet Watch/Jewelry Stand Display

This pretty bracelet stand will display all your bracelets and bangles safely and ensure they never get tangled, scratched in a drawer, or mislaid! You can even store your wristwatch safely too!


A Bracelet Stand To Display Your Bracelets and Bangles

You might wonder why you would need a bracelet stand specifically designed to display bracelets. The answer is that by choosing one with a lift out bangle holder, you can easily get at all those bangles that do not have a clasp fastening, allowing easy access to all your favorite bracelets.

For bracelets of the chain type, that do have clasps, the bangle holder stops them from getting tangled or knotted as they may do when stored together in a drawer so your bracelet stand protects your jewelry as well as displaying it.

Thin bracelets or bangles will be instantly visible to you instead of having to rummage in the bottom of a jewelry box in an attempt to find the exact one you are looking for. By putting them out on display you may even find some that you forgot you had and realise that you had the perfect accessory all the time so no need to buy a new one!

Another use for a bracelet stand is to keep your watch safe. Storing your watch on the bangle holder will prevent any possibility of the face becoming scratched and also, protect the strap. Again, if you have several watches, you will be able to pick the one that perfectly complements the outfit you have chosen.

Be Creative Arranging Your Jewelry

There is a type of display stand for every collection of costume or fine jewellery pieces, so whether you want something flamboyant and glitzy or discreet and minimalist to show-case your favorite pieces, you are certain to find exactly the right one for you. These not only help women keep their items organized and easily accessible but it also creates a beautiful object to look at in its own right and you can use your creativity in arranging your special pieces to best effect on your jewelry display stand.

© 2013 Alison Graham


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  • Alison Graham profile image

    Alison Graham 4 years ago from UK

    thanks so much @epbooks I bought mine because I ended up getting some favorite chains in a knot which could not be untangled - and at least I can find what I am looking for now with my jewelry on display!

  • epbooks profile image

    Elizabeth Parker 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

    Fantastic ideas! I love the jewelry tree option. So cute. Well written hub. Thank you for sharing!


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