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Jewelry Sets For Every Indian Brides

Updated on August 16, 2013

Jewelry Is Part Of Indian Bride

Every girls love wedding. It is one of the most important days of their life. And jewelry is important part of overall appearance of Indian bride. The bridal looks not complete unless bride is wearing each and every piece of jewelry that is intended for her. The tradition of bridal jewelry made of clay and wood still exist in various part of country. The Indian tradition calls for the bride to be decked with Indian jewelry from head to toe. Each piece of jewelry complements with each outfit that Indian bride wearing. Many brides and family member of weddings and party, think about wedding celebration is great opportunity when it comes to accessorizing. An Indian bride jewelry is important part of overall look and can enhance bridal appearance.

Indian bride and bridal dress will look incomplete without proper jewelry. Bridal jewelry is important part of the bride’s personality. But the trend of bridal jewelry sets and wedding jewelry changing over period of time. The wedding theme as well as bridal cloths enhanced by the jewelry. Traditionally Indian Jewelry is made of goal pieces, but recent it made of platinum, silver and other material quit popular in people.Indian bride doesn’t complete without jewelry. Here I am describing about some different type of jewelry for Indian bride:

Mangalsutra: Mangalsutra is one of the important ornament of Indian bride. It consist of black beard and gold chain and locket. It symbol of forever marriage. traditionally it's a long thread with gold pendent. It symbolize the love and attachment between the husband and wife.

Nose ring: another part of Indian jewelry is Nath. It is nose ring made up of different kind of metals like silver, gold, diamond and much more. Just like a managlasutra, it also symbol of marriage.

Anklets or toe ring (Payal): anklets are worn by Indian bride on their both ankles. It also made up of Varity of metals like gold, platinum, silver and much more.Toe ring worn in pairs and aborned by most of married women.

Gold bangles: Majority of brides wants to wear gold, diamond or silver Kada on their big day. Precious stones also embedded in their kada. Traditionally married women used to wear red glasses bangles, but now a days women wear bangle made of metals.

Other Bridal Jewelry

Polki jewelry– Polki jewelry is most popular among the Indians. It is originally created from Kundan technology, and these days it is used by women of western countries too. It consists of gorgeous colored stones, multiple metals. Sometime it created with diamond instead of metals. For the budget conscious, set with multi layered chain of pearl look gorgeous.

Bead jewelry – People used to make beads out of gold, copper, clay and even wood.

Necklace – Necklace is significance of wedding and it passed on from one generation to other. You have different design of pendants. Simple chain could be worn with unique pendant. Diamond could be made of gold, diamond, silver and other precious stones.

Ivory Jewelry – Ivory jewelry is made of tusk of elephant. Importance of Ivory jewelry can be seen in Gujarat, the bride receive ivory bangles from their family before marriage. During marriage ceremony wearing of ivory jewelry important for her.

Finger ring – engagement ring is worn in ring finger on the left hand by the bride. And ring for all hand on other hand could be link together with chain called the hath pool, which bride often to wear.

Lac jewelry – Lac jewelry also know as lacquer jewelry. It available in versatile design and added to its beauty. Among the various item in Lac jewelry, bangles need a special mention.

Avoid Mistake While Choosing Out Bridal Jewelry

Searching for bridal jewelry set is enjoyable as well as interesting because is just about great time of your life. but here I am providing some common mistakes men and women do when choosing the wedding ceremony jewelry.

Don’t Put too much jewelry: a new bridal can look gorgeous in silver, gold jewelry and fashion jewelry. But if you do too much then you might look just as tad out of place. Keep things stylish and safe.

Don’t Mix too much: don’t go with the combination of traditionally designed jewelry.

Don’t put your defective jewelry: avoid wearing your defective jewelry and look for alternative option. Because it might be slip off, without being aware of it.

Don’t buy jewelry online: check the collection of jewelry at three to five websites. Always keep an eyes on what discount they offering and payment security option too.

Make sure that jewelry does not get stained: while having food, take out your finger ring and put into your clutch. And avoid spoilage on your valuable jewelry. If you want to wish silver or gold jewelry on your special day make sure it’s not already spoiled.


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