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Jewelry Stands - Jewelry Stand For Necklaces

Updated on June 19, 2011

Jewelry Stands - Jewelry Stand for Necklaces

 If, like me, you like to see your jewelry on display, a good jewelry stand is essential, and this means having a suitable jewelry stand for necklaces.

Many necklaces keep much better if they can hang to their full length rather than being curled up in bags in a drawer. Hanging them prevents kinks in the chains and cords and also allows you see and sort through your necklaces much quicker - making the task of finding the perfect necklace to match your outfit much quicker.  

Many jewellery stand also have the advantage of being so pretty without any jewelry on them that they look ornamental in their own right.

Jewelry stands capable of holding necklaces come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you measure your longest necklace to ensure the stand is tall enough.


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Black Velvet Feather Mannequin Jewelry Stand 14.5"H by EchoMerx
Black Velvet Feather Mannequin Jewelry Stand 14.5"H by EchoMerx

Jewelry Stand Designs

There are a wide range of designs to choose from, so you can be sure of finding something to suit all tastes.

For a touch of drama look at the jewelry mannequins in all their evening gown finery, or for elegance how about a silver jewelry tree.

For a more simple look how about a t-bar arrangement where each piece can hang side by side, or for particularly special pieces you could use a jewelry bust.

Jewelry Mannequins

Jewelry mannequins make fun and fabulous necklace holders.

They come in a range of designs from funky denim and cocktail dresses to the high glamour of evening gowns and Victorian opulence.

Definately a statement peice, these stands look every bit as good without jewery on them as they do bedecked in it.

Necklace Stand Tree

 Jewelry trees are beautiful elegant creations, made out of metal or wood, with 'branches'  on which jewelry is hung coming off a central stem.

Many are suitable for both earrings and necklaces, and as the branches are at different heights these are perfect for pieces of jewellery of different lengths.


Simple Bar Necklace Holders

 If you're looking for something that is functional without being too fancy, then a simple bar arrangement stand is the thing for you.

From the very plain to the slightly more decorative these provide an easy way of keeping your necklaces in order.

Jewelry Bust

While a necklace stand can happily take care of most of your jewelry, sometimes you have a piece that requires something a little more special to either show it off or keep it safe.

For this a jewelry bust is the answer.

From simple neckline versions which hold the necklace in place to those with partial heads a jewelry bust can make a stunning centerpiece to a jewelry display.


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