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Jewelry, Accessories, and Fashion - Giving Old Styles and Jewelry a New Look

Updated on January 24, 2010

Looking At Your Wardrobe Creatively

When updating your look, it doesn't always have to include spending a lot of money! I am sure you have heard and read that quite often, but hopefully I can offer a few original ideas in a series of 2-4 hubs I am working on.

I have one idea that I haven't seen in any magazines or talked about on television that you might be interested in trying.

Back in the late 1980's or 1990's, there was a time where the "t-shirt slide" was a passing fad. They were around for a short length of time, and then disappeared into the shredder of time that eats things like leg warmers, fingerless gloves and other fashion faux-pas that have come and gone down through the years.

Well, during the 5 years or so that I spent dealing in vintage estate, fine, and costume jewelry online, I came across a couple of t-shirt slides in lots of estate jewelry I bought. I guess there are plently of others out there like myself, those of us who are pack-rats and just hate to part with anything, especially fashion or jewelry related! Anyway, I thought of a good way to give these two pieces that I have here to show you (see photos please) a new life, and cheaply rejuvenate your own look with a unique twist.

Examples of Slides

Gold slide, no tarnish, appears to be hand-worked.
Gold slide, no tarnish, appears to be hand-worked.
Back of gold slide, no tarnish or wear.
Back of gold slide, no tarnish or wear.
Just an idea of how these were originally to be worn-Slid onto the gathered edge of a t-shirt.
Just an idea of how these were originally to be worn-Slid onto the gathered edge of a t-shirt.
Black plastic heart slide. No rhinestones-circular indentions on front are painted with silver metallic paint.
Black plastic heart slide. No rhinestones-circular indentions on front are painted with silver metallic paint.
Back view of black plastic heart slide. In very good shape, none to minimal wear to be seen.
Back view of black plastic heart slide. In very good shape, none to minimal wear to be seen.

A New Look for an Old Piece

 I was looking at these two slides the other day, and thought about how good they would look put with the right outfit, if you put the instead of with a t-shirt, you used them as a buckle of sorts, with an interesting scarf twisted and draped low across the top of the hips. The gold one could give a really, more elegant look, with the shiny gold finish that it has, especially since it appears to be a hand worked piece. I don't know what it is made of, as it has no markings at all, other than the design, It has no tarnishing, is not heavy at all, but yet feels like a nice piece when you hold it. It measures 4-1/2 inches in length and 3 inches in width. No dents or dings. It IS for sale, if anyone is interested, as is the heart slide-just contact me. I had an online shop under the name "Ice Originals" for years, as well as being a seller on Ebay.

The black heart slide would be interesting paired say with a black pants or skirt and solid blouse or sweater, and then add a multi scarf in maybe some bright colors with the slide, worn draped as I wrote earlier, along the top of the hips. The heart measures a teeny bit over 3 inches at the widest point in width, and about 2-3/4 inches in length. Not too big and gaudy. There is an impressed mark in the plastic on the back, but I can't make it out. It shows a small bit of wear on the inside, where a scarf, belt or shirt pulled through would cover it completely. Considering it's possible age, it's in great shape. Being plastic, it is not heavy at all, so it wouldn't weigh you down.

I just thought I would share these two with you, and possibly give you an idea if you have any of these still around, or are interested in one or both of the ones I have. For someone who really enjoys having their own unique style, and you enjoy wearing scarves, this would add another creative way to use the scarves you have. I'm sure there are other ways to wear them also that I haven't come up with. i just know that I love to recycle old jewelry, and have incorporated pieces into everything from other jewelry pieces, to adding them to art projects. One thing about it, and I will say it every time-There are no limits to art, creativity, and expressions of the inner self! 


Beautiful Scarves to Match with Your Slides!

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