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Jewels from India

Updated on August 9, 2012

Jewels from India are celebrated across the world. Women have been always fascinated by gold jewelry but with passing time, the choice and fondness is shifting towards fashion jewelry crafted out of a variety of items. Jewelry has a different meaning in India. Enormous diversity in Indian culture brings on versatility and grace in Indian jewelry that in turn plays a pivotal role in Indian weddings. Finely created designer jewelry collections are gaining immense popularity not only within the sub continent but across the globe. While fashion weeks are witnessing an emergence of new and trendy designer jewelry every season; on the other hand jewelry designers and brands are unveiling innumerable Indian jewelry designs every season to charm the Indian brides.

Deep Pink and Off White Stone Studed Bridal Necklace Set
Deep Pink and Off White Stone Studed Bridal Necklace Set

India is well known and famous for its traditional jewelry. With number of states highlighting different culture and tradition; each state offer different designs and exclusivity in their jewelry design assortments. Starting from a wedding in Kashmir, to a marriage ceremony in Tamil Nadu; or a reception function in West Bengal, traditional Indian jewelry has always ruled auspicious occasion of Indian weddings when it’s about adorning the Indian bride. Every piece of traditional ornament in form of necklace, earrings, maang tika, anklets or waistbands add a royal and ethnic look thus keeping intact the sense of traditionalism and modernity.

Green and Off White American Diamond Studded Imitation Earring
Green and Off White American Diamond Studded Imitation Earring

Indian bridal jewelry mainly consists of gold and silver ornaments. But, recent emergence of fashion trends has also seen a significant increase in demand of pearls and diamonds for weddings. The distinctiveness blended with the traditional styling makes the Indian jewelry stand out among all other types of jewelry. Indian traditional jewelry has been adorning men and women since the pre-historic times. While queens and princess used to don up with exquisite jewelries, kings and maharajas of the empire were also seen getting decked up in semi precious stones, pearls and gold jewelry.

Green and Off White Stone Studded Necklace Set
Green and Off White Stone Studded Necklace Set

Earlier, women used to ornament themselves with flowers, leaf, twigs, and petals. And today, designers are borrowing inspiration from nature and recreating the magic by designing fashion jewelry in form of necklaces, earrings, armbands, waistbands and bracelets highlighting different patterns like flowers, birds, butterfly, peacock and many more.


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