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Jimmy Choo Boots, Booties Review: Leather, Suede, Rubber, Glitter; Biker, Hunter, Cruise 11, Choo 24:7

Updated on January 10, 2015

Jimmy Choo Boots

Jimmy Choo boots divide into two main categories: dress and corporate – these shoes usually feature high heels and a smooth, elegant appearance; and weather and casual – particularly the Hunter and Biker tough-looking, crocodile embossed or unlined mid-calf models.

There is a principal difference between the two kinds, the first clearly aimed for fashion and style conscious ladies wishing to leave a corresponding impression, the second made to protect during difficult weather conditions when rain or snow fall, demoting design, so it would seem, to a secondary role. A closer inspection reveals that the appeal of Hunter and Biker collection lies in their capacity to retain subtle yet characteristic Jimmy Choo stylistic touches – a capacity that eventually led to the immense popularity of these collections.


Booties anticipate the classic, naturally emerging elegance of the brand's pumps and heels department. JC unique quality of symmetry and harmony (discussed in the introductory article) becomes particularly evident in the booties, as layers of leather create seams and intersections converging into tight architectural compositions.


Leather, in different finishes, stands out as the primary material Jimmy Choo manufacture their boots from, suede and rubber following, the former employed for the dressier variations (especially booties), the latter for the mid-calf and below-the-knee Hunters. Glitter, shearling and pony hair appear in separate high-fashion lines.

Jimmy Choo Hunter Boots
Jimmy Choo Hunter Boots


  • Over-the-knee boots, on high or flat heels, display a dual architecture: the lower part of the shaft consists of a relatively rigid frame that remains stable and upright regardless of whether the shoe is on or not. The second, softer part rises above the base and actually covers the knee – it is not only considerably more flexible, but also widens towards the opening, securing comfortable putting on process, as well as air flow towards the sole. Jump, Jersey, April, Edna, Ernest, and other collections.

  • Hunter&Biker boots draw inspiration from classic engineer and military footwear, carrying powerful straps and buckles across the shaft and upper, and parading a rugged, uncompromising look – as one would expect from a boot worn by people in occupations the titles of the collections allude to. Includes short and tall (mid-calf) models.

  • Booties segment (Alanis, Keagan, Acton, and other collections) offers dress and corporate-casual oriented shoes, almost exclusively on high-heels (approaching stilettos in design), and featuring a zipper on the back, to allow a quick and easy removal. For a more fashionable clientèle Jimmy Choo deploys glitter and leopard printed pony hair.


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