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Jimmy Choo Platforms, Wedges, Espadrilles, Slingbacks Review: Cube, Lucia, Nova, Clue, Crown, Betsy, Phoenix, Other

Updated on January 10, 2015

Jimmy Choo Platforms

Jimmy Choo wedges and platforms overlap with several of the brand's departments, especially the sandals and the pumps – often a pair of shoes presenting a combination of elements from several types of footwear. Most of the items in this segment are suitable either for wearing indoors – casual, dressy, or fashion/party occasions – our outdoors during spring and summer seasons.

Sandals lend the shoes some of their unique design characteristics: experimental, unpredictable patterns for the upper, complemented by a penchant for bright colors and intricate textures and materials; the pumps and the heels influence the platforms from the opposite side – giving them a touch of reserved elegance and classic, orthodox styling.


While espadrilles deploy the familiar woven technique for the sole, other models feature cork – a lightweight and durable material often used for thick soles – and foam, sometimes combined. Upper sections bear leather, suede, glitter, decorative studs, and other finishes. Compare to Christian Louboutin, Cole Haan, Stuart Weitzman, Steve Madden, and Michael Kors.

Jimmy Choo Espadrille Wedges
Jimmy Choo Espadrille Wedges


Wedges comprise a relatively small department of shoes that can be concurrently described as sandals – lots of leather straps covering the feet and securing the ankles – as standard summer slip-ons, slingbacks, and other footwear types.

The more corporate oriented models tend to display a solid architecture that would reveal skin in a symmetrical fashion – the toe by using a sling and the toe by creating a cut – harking back to one of Jimmy Choo most recognizable aesthetic trait. Cube, Lucia, Betsy, Pandora, Phoenix, Polar, Paisley, and other collections.


Jimmy Choo rarely opt for the classic platform shoe design, usually combining this quintessential component of modern footwear with heels. In particular the ultra-high heels (approaching five inches) will warrant the use of an inch tall platform; it will, in turn, carry a coloring similar to that of the upper, creating a single-tone palette, or different – resulting in a two-tone one.

Bridal and evening items usually feature a medium to low height platforms that aim to generate as harmonious look as possible. Compare to Christian Louboutin bridal shoes.


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