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Jimmy Choo Pumps, Heels, Bridal Shoes Review: Leather, Suede, Satin, Glitter; Black, Neutral, Metallic

Updated on January 10, 2015

Dressy Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo pumps and heels department includes several dozens collections, designed for a range of occasions: casual-corporate, high-fashion and dressy, and exclusively decorative bridal and evening shoes. All three brand qualities – harmonious design, subtle femininity, and top materials – recur in various configurations, leaving a stamp of originality that transcends the footwear into desirable items of self-expression and status.

Due to inherent architecture features, pumps and heels overlap with Jimmy Choo booties and sandals segments: both incorporate high heels, creating a distinct, immediately recognizable appearance that eventually expands the range of the selection. It's important to stress the differences, however – booties address the demand for designer autumn and winter footwear, whereas the sandals cover the summer season. Compare to Christian Louboutin, Steve Madden, Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, and Michael Kors.


Here Jimmy Choo takes notably more freedoms in styling, complementing the standard black and neutrally tone shoes assortment with animal prints and bright pink, red, metallic, and glitter colors – anticipating some of the the wild sandal designs. Leather and suede continue to occupy the primary materials spot, arriving in patent, metallic, soft and other finishes; more exotic materials include elaphe snake skin, pony hair, PVC, and the already mentioned glitter.

Jimmy Choo High Heel Shoes
Jimmy Choo High Heel Shoes


This main category includes several types of shoes, starting from semi-open slingbacks and sandals and ending with closed-toe slip-on classic pumps. In terms of design, besides the material the brand varies the toes, opting for either round or triangular shapes, the height of the heels, from low to ultra-high, and the decorative detail – absent in corporate models and comprising straps, laces, bows, and even florals in the dressier variations.

Pumps appear besides the tallest heels, painted in the same or different tone as the upper, creating a single or two-tone palette respectively. Shell, Realm, Samba, Cosmic, Quiet, Grant, Lovely, Ailsa, and other collections.


Jimmy Choo evening and bridal shoes stand out for their exceptional variety of materials – fabrics (satin, glazed canvas, silk, lace, and others) and special occasion jewelled, acrylic, and studded finishes provide the extra touch of uniqueness ladies seek to display on a special occasion.

Enhanced texture and contours complete the bridal designs, contributing to a multi-layered architecture and an intricate, accented aesthetic that would be out of place in a casual, corporate, or even standard fashionable setting. Timeless black and white remain the main colors, with occasional golden and platinum (or silver) additions. Calais, Logan, Lockett, Gloss, Macy, Quinze, Clue, Nova, and other collections.


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