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Jimmy Choo Sandals, Flats, Trainers Review: Leather, Suede, Satin, Glitter, Python, Elaphe, Elastic

Updated on January 10, 2015

Jimmy Choo Flats

Jimmy Choo flats and sandals department offers the brand's most exciting and experimental shoes: the sandals in particular often display wild, unpredictable modelling that goes in contrast – a contrast that lends the company aesthetic resilience and durability – to the more classical and orthodox pumps&heels, boots&booties, and platforms.

The majority of sandals, be it the relatively closed slingbacks, or the open strapped variations stand on heels of different heights. The flats, as their name self-evidently implies rise either on very low heels, or on completely flat soles. While the elevation render these two types of shoes completely different in terms of architecture, they do converge in one crucial factor: comfort.

The homey ballets, slippers, or flat sandals provide it in the form of extra stability and utility; almost every part of this footwear serves these functions – a decorative strap or bow being the rare exceptions Heel sandals, while clearly concurring that sometimes elegance requires a small sacrifice, nevertheless achieve that goal buy allowing the feet to breathe and soak the sun. Together, the two segments complement each other.


Jimmy Choo introduce a broader than usual range of leather finishes: patent, embossed, vachetta, metallic, snake print, mirror, brushed, biker; fabrics include suede (standard, soft, metallic) and satin, while more exotic materials comprise various synthetics (neon mesh, perspex) snake skin (elaphe, python), and pony hair. Compare the selection with Christian Louboutin, Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan, Steve Madden, and Michael Kors.

Jimmy Choo Heel Sandals
Jimmy Choo Heel Sandals


Without a doubt sandals constitute Jimmy Choo's most creative and original design section – here he really let his imagination run wild. Texture (stipulated by the sheer variety of materials) and colors in particular become experimental elements, shoes demonstrating translucent uppers, angular and curving contours, unusual ankle straps, and intricate, sometimes genuinely labyrinthine strapping configurations. Only the espadrilles stand aside as the simpler items – yet they fit more appropriately into the wedges and platforms department, with which they overlap, than here.

Colors seem to emulate the architecture: two tone palettes show at least one ultra-bright yellow, green or pink, while animals prints and studs compliment the single-tone designs. Like Stuart Weitzman, Jimmy Choo occasionally deploys Swarowsky crystals for an additional decorative punch.


Flats (ballets, slippers, thong sandals, sneakers, trainers) form a quiet foil to the boisterous sandals: although colors, stars, studs, and crystal appear on the upper parts of more than a few collections, many of these shoes reveal a clear return to the reserved, classic lines of the pumps and the over-the-knee boots. Ballets feature square, round, or triangular toes.

Gladiator sandals&slippers and sneakers&trainers fill the niches of summer and winter seasons respectively. Some of the trainers dispense with exotic materials and elements almost completely, opting for suede and leather – in Miami shoes, however, Jimmy Choo incorporates golden eyelets to leave the mark of luxury that has eventually become synonymous with the brand.


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