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Jimmy Choo Shoes Guide-Review: Boots, Pumps, Sandals, Heels, Booties, Wedges, Platforms

Updated on January 6, 2015

Jimmy Choo

Perhaps no other brand in the fiercely competitive sphere of high fashion has emerged so iconic of the couture industry, in particular the domain of luxury shoes, as Jimmy Choo. The name has become synonymous with class and prestigious dressy events, paving its way into successful television dramas and Hollywood – decorating the feet of both fictional characters and actual actresses.

More than anything else, this success symbolizes the triumph of the designer, of the ever present possibility to make it in the highest echelons of the fashion world while being equipped only with guts and vision. While Jimmy Choo reaps the fruits of his talent being put into work, his customers get to taste them – for a price of several hundred dollars for an original pair (available on eBay, the official website, and other retailers).


JC manufacture a variety of footwear – boots, sandals, pumps, heels, flats, trainers – for most occasions: starting from evening and rare dress (including bridal), and ending with casual and sports. Boots and booties provide the necessary protection from rainfall and snow during the winter, while sandals, and peep-toe pumps give the feet some space to breathe and rest the skin and sole. Collections include Cruise 11, Jimmy Choo 24:7, Hunter, Ugg (a collaborative line) and others.

The company also designs a wide range of accessories: handbags in different styles (purses, totes, hobos, satchels, clutches, and others), fragrances, wallets, keyrings, card holders, sunglasses, and scarves (cashmere, silk, and gauze).


Jimmy Choo employ several types of leather (patent, metallic, embossed, biker), and suede (soft, coarse, vintage), besides satin, lace, glitter fabric, rubber, and even PVC. Metallic buckles and crystal accents comprise the ornament inventory.


One of the reasons for the brand's enduring success and popularity is the consistency of design: it always reflects, sometimes inconspicuously, seemingly imperceptibly, a set of qualities that eventually lend the shoes a complete fashionable look. While it's true that each of these qualities receives different attention during the creative stage (most fashion designers prefer to vary and hone their style), at least three reappear, in one form or another, in all Jimmy Choo shoes:

  • Symmetry and harmony: particularly notable in the pumps and special occasion dress heels, these two features combine to project a sense of genuine aesthetic accomplishment. Lines and geometrical shapes (especially evident in the triangular toes) serve the designer to achieve this goal.

  • Deep understanding of femininity: the contours of JC shoes capture and express the flowing grace of the female form – sometimes symbolically, sometimes in a more direct – be it flirtatious, elegant, or sexy – fashion. The use of such exotic materials as pony hair and elaphe snake skin underscores this characteristic.

  • Uncompromising stress on the quality of materials – here Jimmy Choo agrees with Christian Louboutin, Stuart Weitzman, Manolo Blahnik, and many other fashion shoes designers. Only when combined with such quality control and high-end materials, the unique design justifies the price tag.


  • Boots&Booties department offers several dozens of models: over-the-knee and below-the-knee boots standing on high or flat heels; short Hunter and Biker boots with a clear utility bent; high heel (stiletto) booties – Alanis, Keagan, and other collections. Black stands out as the standard color in this segment.

  • Pumps&Heels comprise a large department of over fifty lines (closed toe, open toe, slingback) suitable for casual-corporate and dressy occasions. Decorative bows and straps decorate the toes of some models, anticipating the creativity of the sandals. Heels approach five inches in height in Quiet, Grant, and other collections.

  • Sandals&Flats form Jimmy Choo's largest shoes department, with over a hundred variations, many of which reveal highly original architecture and material configurations. This section demonstrates the designer's risky, even defiant side, as he creates unpredictable combinations of heels, pumps, ankle straps, plexiglass, and other shoes components and materials. Flats include ballets and slippers.

  • Wedges&Platforms – this segment overlaps with pumps and sandals, and usually addresses the need for a fashionable summer season footwear that gives the feet more support than the high stilettos. Several types of espadrilles, open-toe slingbacks, and clogs.


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