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Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Reviews

Updated on November 12, 2015

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day - Free Shipping No Automatic Re Ordering


Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day

After watching an commercial on Joan Rivers Great Hair Day I was a bit skeptical about the product. I went on line to read reviews and information about the popular hair powder from Joan Rivers called Great Hair Day.

Great Hair Day is a Matte hair powder created by Joan Rivers that blends in with your scalp to cover up thin spots on your head. It hides thin patches and masks hair loss with ease. It comes with a brush and is easy to apply once you learn how to use the cover up.

Unlike other hair cover ups this one doesn't run, cake up or look funny on your head. After reading the reviews the majority of them were positive and encouraging so I decided to take the plunge. After all it came with a money back guarantee depending on what Web site the product was purchased from.

I bought Great Hair Day for my mother who is in her early 70's and suffers from hair loss due to age and medications. Her hair loss is not significant but enough that she wanted to boost her self confidence. I watch the videos and read through reviews and instructions on the Internet before choosing a color selection and applying it to her head.

Upon arrival I applied Great Hair Day to my mom's scalp according to what I had learned. It did well in covering up her thin areas and didn't look like fake color or cover up make up in her hair. It did take a little bit of experimenting to blend it in, but over all we were satisfied with the results and mom is more confident when going out.

Hair Loss Cover Up

Dermmatch Dark Brown
Dermmatch Dark Brown

DermMatch formula is rich in emollients and botanicals that thicken thin hairs and make them stand up for maximum fullness (shown at right). It leaves your hair thick, smooth and brushable. Sprays, sprinkles and lotions will never look this good on you. For over a decade, doctors have trusted DermMatch for their male and female patients with hair loss DermMatch survives wind, rain, sweat, brushing and swimming. Other hair loss products can run, drip or fall out. You can wear DermMatch every day for pennies. One disc lasts, on average, 8 months.


Before and After


Choice of Colors and Instructions

Be sure to choose the right color for your hair when selecting Great Hair Day. We choose the Light Blonde because I read on the reviews that the blonde is more like a light brown color and makes your roots look dark.

The powder is also good for touch up in between hair coloring.

The directions tell you to use the pointed end of the brush to make a part in your hair and start from the back. Dab the powder on to your scalp (do not brush it in) and apply stop when you get about 1/4 inch near your scalp. This will prevent your hair from looking like a bad dye job.

Why is it different: The matte powder is formulated to stay on the scalp and eliminates the shiny spots of an exposed scalp.

How do I use it: Dab the brush in the powder, create a part using the pointy end of the brush, and apply the powder along the scalp from back to front. Stop about 1/4-inch before the hairline and use the brush to really blend it into your hair.

When liberally applied Great Hair Day does what it says it will do it gives the appearance of having a fuller head of hair. It doesn't make your hair grown or stop the thinning process but does help hide hair loss. Be sure to blend it in I recommended watching the on line videos and reading the reviews on the Web site before purchasing the product.

Be careful where you purchase the product from certain Web sites. Some retailers have an automatic re-ordering system and will send you a new kit every 30 days whether you want it or not. (and charge your credit card). I would purchase it from a reputable Web site like the one I mentioned in the about link.

The color choices are light blonde, blonde, red, brunette, and salt & pepper (grey).


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is the best thinning hair product I've found on the market yet. I've used power, crayon, and wand and this I like best. Although it did come off on my fingers when rubbed.

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 

      8 years ago

      I hadn't heard of this product. My mother has some thin spots in her hair, she might be interested in this.


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