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John Deere Hats

Updated on December 16, 2009

John Deere Hats

John Deere Hats - An All American Icon

Most John Deere hats are also trucker hats, which is a type of baseball cap. The John Deere hat used to be known as a “gimme cap” or a feed cap, because it actually began as a promotional tool, where John Deere salesmen would give away the caps to farmers, truckers and other rural workers, in order to get the company name out into the market place.

While they come in all styles of cap today, the first were made with a slightly curved bill in front, triangular sections formed the cap itself and a button was fashioned on top. The front section above the bill wasn't cotton, it is foam and the rest is plastic mesh to make it more breathable for wearing. Putting an adjustable plastic strap on back meant one sized cap would fit just about any head with a little adjustment. John Deere hats are readily identifiable just by looking at them on someone's head.

Probably the most famous John Deere cap is the one that simply says “John Deere” above the bill. It was created to promote and sell John Deere tractors and more recently the John Deere snowblower and John Deere bagger for lawn tractors. The company still uses these caps today to promote the company. They recently became a fashion statement at the turn of the 21st century, when young suburban kids started to wear them to copy off the styles emanating from young Hollywood, which co-opted a long time fashion statement started by the gay and lesbian community, who would wear them at night to the clubs. The LGBT community took these John Deere hats and decorated them to make them more individual and trendy. The practice caught on and continues today.

Actor Ashton Kutcher and singer Justin Timberlake are two of the stars credited with taking the fashion trend global in the early 2000's. John Deere hats have shown up on television in sitcoms and dramas, demonstrating their staying power.

John Deere hats are available where ever trendy hats are sold or where young people shop. Do a search on the internet and you will pull up hundreds of sites that sell the hats, many with crazy slogans and sayings replacing the original John Deere name above the bill. They also come in every color of the rainbow and are made and sized for men, women and even children.

The hats are always reasonably priced, regardless of where you purchase them. A good place to look is at Since these hats are also historical, you may want to look on Ebay or on CraigsList if you're interested in wearing vintage John Deere hats. Other websites that you can locate through a simple search will tell you if the hats in your collection are valuable or worth the price of the one you're seeing to buy.


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